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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Traders boasting about their trades

"Floor traders were a funny breed. The ones who whined about their bad trades were usually the ones who made the most money. The way they spoke made it sound as if they were losing tons of money every day. It was a contest; who got screwed the most on their stock fills? Who lost the most amount of money on options decay while they were away on vacation? It was unspoken bad juju to mention winning trades. If a trader was making great money, they kept a perfect poker face. If someone did happen to mention a winning trade, it was usually because they had so few wins. Their ego wanted the world to know they managed to make at least one. ; To this day I remain skeptical of anyone who brags about their trades or profits."

--- Trading Sardines: Lessons in the Markets by a Lifelong Trader / Linda Bradford Raschke
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