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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Links - 28th February 2019 (2)

Nicholas J. Fuentes on Twitter - "Who could have guessed that redefining marriage to accommodate homosexuals was only the first phase of a systematic effort to undermine the traditional family? Oh wait, everybody with common sense did.
Remember how they used to say that gay marriage wouldn’t affect you? Now your kids are being taught how to have safe anal sex in schools lmfao. Oh yeah and your son will be wearing makeup and dresses."

Ed Krassenstein on Twitter: "Nice try but you are over the 280 character limit with this FAKE Tweet!… " - "Now more than ever we need transgressive and proud Santa Clauses: HIV+ Santas, Muslim Lesbian Santas, Santas with different types of bodies, Santas with genderfluid identities, Santas with acne and rebellious hygeine. Doesn't Jesus teach tolerance of all people?"

Henry on Twitter - ""This 'Sesame Street' Muppet will become the first to experience homelessness"
"Oscar the Grouch been living in a trash can for 49 years"
Male disposability

A #Palestinian toddler taken by his parents to... - Hussein Sam Ayoub - "A #Palestinian toddler taken by his parents to the #Hamas-led riots on the #Gaza-#Israel border passed away from inhaling tear gas (Later it was proven he had a breathing condition), world wide attention and condemnation.
An #Israeli pregnant women shot along with 9 others at a bus stop by a Palestinian terrorist is in critical condition, had an emergency c-section, and her baby passed away, silence from the world and media."
Actually it's celebrated as 'Resistance'

The Atlantic - Posts - "Trump Moves to Deport Vietnam War Refugees"
"Exclusive: The White House again wants to deport certain groups of protected migrants, a reversal after backing away from the policy months ago."
The Atlantic is being mischievous. If you don't scroll down you don't find out they're criminals. And if you stopped at the paragraph calling them alleged criminals you wouldn't find out they're convicted criminals

Lauren Southern on Twitter - "So I got banned from Patreon a year ago for a protest with Defend Europe against a boat called the Aquarius. My “manifest observable behaviour” apparently was wrong because this was a ship set out to rescue immigrants.
The Aquarius operations have now been totally shut down because of illegal activities, multiple government investigations into its operating NGOs partaking in human trafficking and the dumping of 24 tonnes of toxic waste into the Med.
Despite our protest being vindicated, and the government shutting them down... I will never receive an apology from Patreon. Nor will they reinstate my account. That’s because it wasn’t about morals a year ago, it was about politics.
Nothing has changed since then."

Claire Lehmann, Founding Editor: I have good news and bad news we're making good - "As you know, we are crowdfunded. Our primary revenue stream is the direct patronage of our readers, who currently support us through Patreon with US$23,400 a month. Up until now, Patreon has been a safe, reliable and mostly politically neutral solution. Recently this has changed with the targeting of creators as part of what we see as a move against free speech. Now, we and many other creators have been forced to consider other options, including SubscribeStar... We have chosen crowdfunding over a more traditional ad-driven model because it allows us the freedom to focus on quality over quantity; to publish voices and points of view that we know our readers appreciate, even if they may not attract always massive clicks or mainstream advertisers. We're proud to be a boot-strap operation. We’ve raised no venture capital and answer to no board of owners/investors. This gives us absolute editorial freedom, but it also makes us reliant on readers. Please consider joining more than 3,500 readers who support us monthly."

Why Bitcoin? Patreon Pushed By Mastercard to Ban Accounts in 'Terrible Precedent' - "Crowdfunding platform Patreon is grappling with fiat currency centralization after MasterCard demanded it must block the account of a prominent US author and several others. Citing an email from the company in August, Robert Spencer, who penned multiple books about countering Jihad and advised law enforcement agencies, said it had “axed” him and he could no longer put contributed funds to any use... Responding publicly, Patreon denied it had chosen to ban Spencer, alleging that “unfortunately Mastercard required” it to “remove” his account. Patreon has since gained negative publicity for further bans, including last week’s move against podcast host Sam Harris."

Lawyer Pursues Filing Formal Complaint With FTC Over Patreon, PayPal Antitrust Violation - "Attorney Lior Leser released a video detailing his intentions to file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission regarding the alleged antitrust violation committed by Patreon and Paypal against SubscribeStar (amongst many others). Leser has plans on taking the filing seriously, basically putting together a case file of all of the violations PayPal and Patreon committed when it came to what looks like colluding to remove people from having access to payments through their services, especially with pulling out of SubscribeStar... The media has basically looked upon situations where PayPal and Patreon have banned people from their services as a form of being on the “right side of history”, and that these corporations are aligning themselves with the radical Social Justice Warrior community. However, many of these people aren’t educated enough about history to recognize that when this kind of silencing and censorship becomes widespread against ideological dissidents, it’s just a matter of time before it affects the “allies” in the same way it affects the “enemy”."

Paypal Pulls Support For SubscribeStar Users, Including Tim Pool, Sargon of Akkad - "This was corroborated by Sargon of Akkad, who also detailed how this is part of the continued efforts from Social Justice Warriors to deplatform anyone who doesn’t align with the radicals on the Left. This recent purge started with Patreon, which was documented by Nick Monroe on Twitter, and now it’s escalated to SubscribeStar... Sleeping Giants was pulling the strings in organizing the deplatforming. It’s a Twitter account with a massive reach, consisting of 214,000 followers. They’ve been actively using shame tactics to demonetize various non-Leftists individuals, organizations, and media outlets for speaking out about the SJW agenda. This includes getting advertising pulled from major outlets like Tucker Carlson on Fox News or Breitbart... Basically, the goal of Social Justice Warriors at this point is to either deplatform their ideological opponents by getting them off of places like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, or Facebook, and barring that, they go after the funding of various pundits in order to financially starve them out of the spotlight. This seems to be a trend lately, especially after notable opposition to the extreme Left, such as Milo Yiannopoulos, Sargon of Akkad, and James Allsup were Frecently banned from Patreon."

Patreon betrays the trust of its users - "Many YouTube personalities had turned to Patreon when demonetization practically eliminated all advertising revenue for creators with politically incorrect or controversial content. Seeking a secure way to ensure they could fund their own work, trust was placed in Patreon that they wouldn’t be influenced by ideologically based pressure groups.In his interview, Jack Conte told Rubin that Patreon was different saying “advertisers are not stakeholders in the Patreon ecosystem” thus leaving them free from censorship by corporations... A group called Women, Action and the Media (WAM), had organized a campaign to censor Facebook back in 2013, urging participants to contact advertisers to complain about their products appearing on pages with content they found offensive. It only took a week for the campaign to succeed"
"Hate speech" is the modern liberal equivalent of corrupting our youth with ungodly filth

Far-left extremists are raising money on Patreon to “inspire insurrection”. - "There are several far-left users who appear to be blatantly violating Pareon’s Community Guidelines. These users are raising thousands of dollars each month and are actively using that money to organize and advocate for violent and often illegal criminal activity."

Patreon Lets Podcaster Who Cheered Oakland Violence Raise Funds on Platform - "Patreon allowed a far-left proponent of “Black Marxism” who publicly celebrated acts of unprovoked violence against peaceful protesters in Oakland, California last week to profit from its platform."

More Violent Extremism Unearthed on Funding Platform Patreon - "Both Breitbart News and Far Left Watch have documented numerous examples of violent extremism on Patreon. So far, Patreon has not responded to Breitbart’s request for comment nor taken action against any of the pages identified."

Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee - Old School Wanton Noodles With NEW Shop At Bugis - "there are different schools of Wanton Noodles in Singapore – some Malaysian style with more use of black sauce; Thai Bak Mee Moo Daeng which emphasizes on the use of pork lard and minimal seasonal; or soupy Hong Kong Wonton Noodles."

How to Force a Public Wi-Fi Network Login Page to Open - "You open your laptop in an airport, at a coffee shop, or perhaps in your hotel or conference room. You sit down to work, select the correct Wi-Fi network, and … nothing. Your Wi-Fi icon may show it's connected, but your browser says You are not connected to the internet no matter how hard you try. That popover login screen just never loads...
An easy trick is to load the router's default page. Try entering,,, or http://localhost in your browser address bar, and you might get the default login page to load...
try visiting a non-HTTPS site; is a great option as it's non-secured and maintained by ICANN...
You may have noticed your device loading when connecting to Wi-Fi; you could go to that site directly to force your browser to test the connection. Here are the default pages, each of which works on any platform:
Apple iOS and macOS:
Microsoft Windows:
Google Android and Chrome:
Tip: The reason you need to load a non-HTTPS site is that if you try to visit a secure site and your network tries to redirect your browser to a login screen, your browser will prevent the redirect to keep your data secure—something that will also keep you from logging into that Wi-Fi network."
Since almost every site kicks you to https nowadays, it's nice knowing that you still have on http, so you can get redirected to the login page

Crime and Unemployment: Effects across Age and Race Categories - "Negative criminal opportunity-related and positive criminal motivation-related effects are found at the aggregate level, but these vary among age groups and are more evident for white than for African American arrest rates. Further, these effects hold even when controlling for the potential influence of other variables identified in recent research as having an impact on the unemployment-crime relationship."
In other words, race does play a role in the relationship between unemployment and crime. So it's not just about poverty.

Variations in Correlates of Race-Specific Urban Homicide Rates - "A variety of factors from past homicide studies serve to predict white rates of homicide, allowing for the development of a broad profile of white communities with low rates of homicides. In contrast, only two factors (population size and residential segregation) are statistically-significant predictors of homicide rates among African Americans, resulting in an essentially non-descriptive community profile. The results suggest that the two groups may be subject to different social forces, and the ensuing discussion poses the possibility that understanding differences in homicide rates among African-American communities may require an incorporation of factors not normally considered in homicide research."

Scope and Conceptual Issues in Testing the Race-Crime Invariance Thesis: Black, White, and Hispanic Comparisons* - "Our goal in this article is to contribute conceptually and empirically to assessments of the racial invariance hypothesis, which posits that structural disadvantage predicts violent crime in the same way for all racial and ethnic groups... The mixed findings we report from our comparisons (across whites, blacks, and Hispanics; offense types; type of disadvantage) suggest caution and uncertainty about the notion that structural sources of violence affect racial/ethnic groups in uniform ways."

How to Optimize Your Apology (Ep. 353) - Freakonomics Freakonomics - "HO: Something that doctors worry about a lot is whether they should apologize after a mistake was made. And the reason they worry is that they’re scared of lawsuits.
So a doctor’s apology might be used against them in a malpractice suit. At the same time, there was evidence showing that a doctor was less likely to get sued if they did apologize.
HO: So people have identified what they call a vicious cycle, where doctors are afraid to apologize because they’re scared of getting sued. But the patients, the only reason they sue is perhaps because they never got an apology. To combat this, a lot of states started passing what are called “I’m sorry” laws. These are laws that basically say that if a doctor apologizes to a patient, that apology can’t be used in court against them.
Ho was curious to find out what happened to malpractice claims once doctors could apologize without fear of reprisal. He and the economist Elaine Liu tried to measure just how much an apology was worth.
HO: We found shockingly really big effects. We found that states that passed this law saw the speed of settlements increase by around 20 percent. We saw that for sort of moderate injuries, the final size of the settlements decreased by around $20,000. For sort of major injuries, which included quadriplegia and death, the size of the final settlements decreased by around $50,000 or $60,000...
LIST: The first data pattern that jumps out of our experiment is that you really have to squint hard to make the case that apologies by themselves work. It’s very difficult to find consistent and significant impacts of the apology alone on future spending or the number of trips that consumers take...
HO: And in one video he looks really angry about the Monica Lewinsky thing. And, in another case, Bill Clinton looks apologetic for Monica Lewinsky. The people that saw apologetic Clinton, the apology worked. They liked him more. But the thing is that people that saw angry Clinton respected him more, right? There’s this tradeoff between being liked and being respected. So the other sort of major cost of an apology is it can make you look incompetent."
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