"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Sunday, January 06, 2019

Links - 6th January 2019 (2)

Mary Baldwin U closes art exhibit after two days when students said they found the art racist - "Mary Baldwin shut down an art exhibit after two days when some students said images were racist. But artists say their work was about -- but decidedly not supporting -- the glorification of the Confederacy."
Censorship is good when it's "anti-racist"

Soros' global influence - "In his 1987 book ‘The Alchemy of Finance’, Soros wrote: “I admit that I have always harbored an exaggerated view of self-importance – to put it bluntly, I fancied myself as some kind of god…”... Israel backed the poster campaign, saying the government’s criticisms of Soros were “entirely legitimate.”... Soros’ name came up 60 times in emails released by WikiLeaks during the campaign... dcleaks.com released more than 2,500 private files from Soros’ Open Society Foundations containing evidence that Soros had given money to anti-Israel and pro-Islamist organisations which praise Sharia law and Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood... Nigel Farage hit out at Soros, saying that his funding of EU lobby groups could constitute ‘the biggest collusion in political history.’"
It's anti-Semitic to criticise Soros. So Israel is anti-Semitic

The Arranged Marriage That Ended Happily Ever After, 30 Years Later - "When you don’t have passionate feelings to glaze over your partner’s flaws in early marriage, you are less likely to be undone by inevitable disappointments later on. True, I’d never seen my parents look dreamily at each other, but I’d also never heard them threaten divorce."

Best Street Food Cities Around the World - "If you walk down the right street at the right time in any of these cities you could make a case for them being the best in the world, but Singapore's massive scope, creativity, breadth of dishes available, and the fact that you can devour all this stuff with relative sanitary confidence earns them the title of best street-food city in the world."

How I explained the 8 schools of magic to my players : DnD - "Illusion: You make someone look like a frog.
Transmutation: You turn someone into a frog.
Enchantment: You make someone think they're a frog.
Conjuration: You make a frog appear.
Abjuration: You protect the frog.
Evocation: You kill the frog.
Necromancy: You revive the dead frog.
Divination: You know that it was actually a toad and not a frog the whole time."

Kajsa Ekis Ekman - "This is Birgitte from Stavanger, whom I spoke with recently in Norway. She was showering in the changing room of her local gym when she saw a naked man with his penis out. She asked him politely whether he had gotten lost, whereupon he replied that he was a woman and had registered as such, and thereby had the right to be there. Birgitte asked the staff who said no men should be in the women's locker room. Still the man kept on showing up there, and when Birgitte contacted the staff again, he sued her for harrassment and discrimination. Under Norway's new gender identity law from 2016, anyone can change their gender without having to undergo surgery, and then has the right to use facilities designated for that sex. Birgitte now faced a trial for harrassment just for not wanting a man in her locker room - not only that, the media depicted her as an evil, non- tolerant "phobic" woman. Nobody seemed to understand that it is not the WORD "man" she objected to, it is the presence of ACTUAL male organs in a female space where we take our clothes off. And whereas many commentators have shown sympathy for the man, saying "transwomen should not have to shower with men" few realize this is exactly what they are making women do now. Due to all the pressure, Birgitte was not able to continue working at her office and had to take sick leave. Luckily she was aquitted by 2 votes to 1. But when I ask her about the gym, she says she never uses the locker room anymore - she showers at home, and most women change in the locked bathrooms when the man is there. Women with hijab even go to the sauna with hijab on! This is one of the consequences of gender identity legislation based on self-identification. Women's feelings and safety are not deemed important, and our spaces shrink. To raise one's voice can result in a lawsuit. It is becoming clear these laws are passed without any feminist perspective whatsoever."

Meme - "Marry a Guy Who Will Email You When U Block Him"
"Marry a Woman That Doesn't Play These Kind of Games"
When a lady says no...

Boys left to fail at school because attempts to help them earn wrath of feminists, says ex-Ucas chief - "Britain’s education system is failing to tackle the “astonishing” underperformance of boys as feminists have made the topic “taboo”, the former head of the university admissions service has warned. Mary Curnock Cook, who was chief executive of Ucas until last year, said the fact that boys are falling behind in education is a national scandal – yet it is such an “unfashionable” topic to discuss that it has become “normalised”... "other disparities in education – such as the gulf between rich and poor children – are narrowing, but the gap between boys and girls is getting wider. “In about ten years’ time the gap between boys and girls will be worse than rich and poor. That is astonishing really.”... When attempts are made to address men’s issues, they are ridiculed and are met with the “wrath” of feminist and gender equality groups, she said. Last month the only university in the UK with a men’s officer scrapped the role after the candidate withdrew due to “harassment”. James Knight was the only candidate to his name forward to be men's officer at the University of the West of England, and said he wanted to highlight male mental health issues. However, the National Union of Students officers began a campaign against the role, and he pulled out after claiming he harassed... In the past five years, more than twice as many male university students committed suicide than their female peers, despite there being fewer male students."
"Feminism is for men"

EMU group ends 'The Vagina Monologues,' citing exclusion of some women - "Eastern Michigan University's Women's Resource Center will no longer host productions of "The Vagina Monologues," noting that the play's version of feminism excludes some women... Survey respondents opposing the production consistently indicated they were concerned that the play centers on cisgender women, that the play's version of feminism excludes some women, including trans women, and that overall, "The Vagina Monologue" lacks diversity and inclusion... The survey was launched as a result of conversations with current students, as well as feedback from a WRC workshop titled "Not all women have vaginas," during the 2017-18 academic year... EMU is not the first university to reconsider its position in hosting "The Vagina Monologues.""

The Influence of Kinesiology Tape Color on Athletic Performance: An Actual Published Study…Seriously

West Midlands Police accused of discriminating against white male officers in 'promotion blocking' row - "White male officers were blocked from promotion by West Midlands Police in order to give women and ethnic minority candidates a better chance."

California's Deadliest Fires Could Have Been Mitigated By Prevention - "As California’s fire season burst back into the headlines, President Trump generated controversy with a weekend tweet emphasizing the role of forest management in these fires... CAL FIRE experts expanded on the problem by blaming decades of policy that discouraged controlled burns to reduce the fuel load in the now-burning forests in the north and hillsides in the south, creating tinderbox conditions. Some of the needed prescribed burns in Southern California’s coastal chaparral and grasslands have been deterred by environmental lawsuits and air quality concerns... Harvesting trees on public land is controversial but helps pay for needed brush clearing. Many environmental groups vigorously oppose both. But fighting the larger, hotter fires that result without active forest management is even more costly and threatens lives... California’s out of control wildfires may have emitted up to 50 million metric tons of carbon dioxide this year alone, about one-eighth of the entire state’s annual emissions, largely wiping out two decades of the state’s hard fought greenhouse gas reductions for 2018. Plus, unlike a natural gas-powered electric plant or a modern car, the fires cause terrible air quality."

Dog Accused Of 'Racist Hate Crime' For Pooing Outside Someone's Front Door - "A dog has been accused of a 'racist hate-crime' for pooing outside somebody's front door with the incident being logged by police because 'the victim perceived this to be a racial incident'. This case is among the 2,500 reported hate crimes reported to and logged by the Met Police in 2015 and 2016 as uncovered by the Mail on Sunday in a Freedom of information request. The crimes have been described as 'petty' and 'undeserving of police time and expense' as some others include: an envelope being opened and resealed, an accident involving a car that was decorated with a remembrance poppy, a disputed 'line-call' in a tennis match, a dead rat found in someone's garden and a man telling library staff he was campaigning for Brexit... "This is part of the reason that police struggle to investigate serious offences such as home burglaries. People need to start thinking more carefully before they call the police."... Another incident claimed a 'suspects dog was barking at a victim' and many of the incidents logged were over car parking or minor crashes... A man claimed that his neighbours were deliberately parking outside of his home to target him 'due to him being black'. Some of the incidents were rather stretched as some arguments revolved around customers in shops, pubs and public transport. On another occasion, a resident in a block of flats said that a neighbour was racially abusing them by 'smoking heavily'. In a logged incident involving a person who claimed a bus driver gave them a 'racist look' and one woman who was thrown out of a pub for appearing to be 'drunk, aggressive and erratic' told police that she was only targeted 'because she is Polish'."
It's no wonder the number of hate crimes is exploding

Male lions do help with the hunting after all - "Most nature documentaries depict male African lions as layabouts who prefer to let the females do all the hunting. But a new study using pioneering new tools shows that the king of beasts could be doing his share after all. The bad rap of male lions comes from a lack of data on what the males are really up to in the habitats where most African lions live -- not on the open plains of the Serengeti, but in the bushier lands of Africa... They are solitary predators who leap out of thick vegetation to ambush their prey. That's in contrast to the well known social hunting behaviors of lionesses... across Africa wildlife preserves are being managed to enable tourists to see certain animals, like lions, elephants, rhinos and leopards, he said. So it's important to understand what the animal's habitat really is. If you have an animal in the wrong habitat, that is more like a zoo than a wildlife preserve."

List: Google Translate for My Asian Parents - "“I heard that you want to start a band.”
You’re doing drugs, aren’t you?
“I’m proud of you.”
Sorry, Asian parents do not say this. Please try again."

Chani Nicholas Horoscope: Meet Woman Bringing Social Justice to Astrology - "Chani Nicholas is transforming horoscopes from quips about finding true love and stumbling into financial good fortune to pointed calls to action "
The cancer spreads yet again

Vegetarian food stall in Shenton Way gives discreet 50% discount to workers in cleing staff uniform - "A vegetarian food stall in Shenton Way has resorted to giving 50 percent discounts for its food to workers who show up in their staff uniforms. This group of workers consists of cleaners and housekeepers working in the nearby buildings. The vegetarian food stall, Mummy Yummy Singapore, is located in the Shenton House building."

Dead cockroaches make excellent magnets – now what are we supposed to do with this info? - "In a bizarre experiment, a team of international physicists gassed a group of roaches to death with nitrogen before rinsing them in an ultrasonic bath. The luckier ones were kept alive and fed an unlimited diet of water and cat food pellets before they were chilled to 4°C (39°F) to stop them moving. Next, the researchers inserted the unsuspecting pests into individual plastic bags before placing them in-between a pair of magnetic plates. The roaches were subjected to a magnetic field strength of 3 kiloGauss (0.3 Tesla) – over a hundred times stronger than a fridge magnet – for 20 minutes."

Police drone intercepts illegal drone with skynet : interestingasfuck
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