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Monday, November 05, 2018

To All the Creepy Singaporean Men I’ve Ever Met: Enough is Enough

A RICE article hasn't annoyed me for a while, but that's probably because I haven't read it for a while

Today, I read:

To All the Creepy Singaporean Men I’ve Ever Met: Enough is Enough

As you can predict from the headline, this is the usual silly nonsense.

The author complains about the pain of being a woman with gendered expectations - but these exist for both genders. And actually are stronger for men than women.

The author keeps complaining about getting hit on, but it's not clear why being hit on is such a traumatic experience. Why is she even on Tinder if she doesn't like to be hit on? And shouldn't engaging in internet arguments - which are even worse than being hit on, since they are combative - give one PTSD?

If even she herself admits that "I had been chatting with a guy from Tinder, and we were finally gonna hook up", why is she so upset when he asks "your place or mine"? Ironically, the author probably proclaims that consent is sexy - but of course in real life the process of getting consent is deeply unsexy, since she clearly expected at least a pretence at seduction (which, as we know, is indirect as opposed to consent culture which is very straightforward).

And then when she gets propositioned again, she is upset once more. Presumably she is mad that men aren't psychic and unable to tell that women want to be hit on.

The key point that we can see emerging from this account is that "creepy" is basically shorthand for a guy who hits on her who isn't attractive (as she admits, "To all the men out there, just because I want to hook up someone doesn’t mean I want to hook up with YOU").

Then she says she wants to doxx every man who propositions her, taking pride in ruining their lives.

I bet in 5 years' time she will write another article about how no man ever approaches her, showing that men are intimidated by strong, independent women.
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