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Friday, November 23, 2018

Scandal school guarded by barbed wire

Google Translated from the Swedish Taggtråd och grindar vaktar hela Värnhemsskolan (Skandalskolan som vaktas av taggtråd):

Addendum: Summarised as: "Swedish School That Received “Peace Prize” For Accepting Most Refugees – Now a War Zone Surrounded by Barbed Wire"

Scandal school guarded by barbed wire
6 Feb 2017

Criminals trying to recruit students. Drug dealing. Violence between different groups of people.
Värnhemsskolan in central Malmö has suffered so much problems that order guards and barbed wire were put in.
Welcome to the school that was first closed off for fights and then the King served the Nobel Prize.

2015, the Värnhemsskolan will receive a peace prize for receiving most newly arrived students in Malmö.

A year later, the school is forced to close acute for two days due to a major failure between students.

What was wrong?

On Friday, November 18, last year, a boy is cursed in the Värnhemsskolan dining room. He is angry that some guys of other nationality looked at his girlfriend. He confrontes them and soon breaks out chaos and fights between newly arrived students from the Middle East and Afghanistan whose relationship at school has long been tense. More rushes up the stairs to the dining room to participate in the noise. The strike is also spread outside the school, where a student is hunted by several people and is so cruelly accused that the ambulance must later drive him to the hospital.

In total, three fights break out at different times that afternoon. In the end, the school management decides in consultation with the police that the school should be closed.

About two thousand students are forced to go home. The education administration goes one step further and decides that the Värnhems school will be closed on monday as well. Teachers must take back the check to ensure student safety.

Rector Barbro Willners will be surprised. She thinks the school should be open on Monday.

"It really belongs to the unusual closure of the school, I have never been involved," she says.

Guards are entered. But the unrest continues anyway.

Barbed wire and order guards

On January 11 this year, two orderkeepers pushed the assault alarm since sixteen years old and an eighteen-year-old pushed them and threatened with violence inside the school. When the police arrive, students will resist. The youngest of them measures a blow to one of the police.

Throughout the last year - and until a few weeks ago - about thirty police reports were made about events that occurred on or just outside of school. Everything from theft of reading plates to abuse. As late as January 19, the school's guards watched an electric gun brought by a seventeen-year-old student.

After all, teachers now get an alarm on the mobile as soon as fights are detected. A text message is sent to a large number of teachers who jump to the reception to find out where the battle occurs.

Barbed wire, order guards and an aura of facility.

Here's what the future's school looks like, think several teachers we meet. But already today it's reality at Värnhemsskolan. One of the teachers tells colleagues at a nearby elementary school also want orderkeepers and locked school to create some kind of security.

Pupils played IS execution

As we speak, Barbro Willner comes out in his car. She brakes and looks. The editor does not like us at school, where we interviewed her the day before. "It's not interesting," she says the first time we tell us to write about what's happening at school.

- What are you doing here again? she is spreading now.

Barbro Willners does not want bad publicity.

Värnhemsskolen is of course not alone in having problems. In 2016, a primary school in Malmö was reported when students played IS execution and took a grip on a girl.

Parents at another Malmö school complained about sexually sexually harassed sex workers.

The lack of security is many schools' sake. While Sweden is discussing Pisa's results, Skolinspektionen has received record recordings throughout the country. Primarily for violations. Over nineteen percent more notifications than 2015, shows figures that the Authority will publish in late February, but as we have already learned. The number is almost twice as many as five years ago. It can of course be because more and more people know that it is possible to make reports.

However, the majority of criticisms against schools where the School Inspectorate carries out supervision in the municipalities is about lack of security. Perhaps it is one of the reasons why school has been about immigration as the most important electoral question, according to Novus measurements.

Not proud of what he sees

At Värnhemsskolan's restaurant line, for example, the star chef Tareq Taylor plugged, students prepare to serve lunch. Today a company of about thirty guests have already booked a table. For lunch, pancake with fried onion, fried egg, ice cream and boiled potatoes is served. For dessert pavlova or churros with chocolate sauce.

Most of the students in this program have grown up in Sweden. Almost everyone gets jobs. This is the school's flagship. The part of the school that the management wants us to stick to. The day after our visit, the three-step students will help the finalists in the industry's big competition, Chef of the Year. The twins will put the cutlery and carry the food to the jury, including Prince Carl Philip.

We leave the restaurant section and go for a walk inside the school. Everyone who walks here has a tag that opens doors to only the school parts where the student has his lessons. On the way to the library are pictures of the MFF legendaries Zlatan and Bosse Larsson.

At the new school entrance your students were referred to, since the main entrance closed because of all the fuss, the student Ali Lazem looks at the barbed wire and the guards. He points out that he is not proud of what he sees.

"It is up to you"

The Nineteen, who is chairman of the school's student union, believes that it is up to the students themselves if they want to succeed or not.

- The students are welcome to Värnhemsskolan, no one is forcing them here. That's what you want to achieve that's important. You have all the possibilities. You can serve on Nobel. Would you like to do that, would you like to serve Nobel and have good grades? It is up to you.

When Ali Lazem talks about Nobel, it is about how he and several classmates on the restaurant program served on the Nobel dinner in December. It was only a week after the school closed because of the big noise in the dining room. He himself had to serve the king on the honorary table.

"We went from nothing to anything in a week. It is great to serve at the Nobel Peace and to be so close to the royal family. In addition, I was one of the few immigrants there, he says.

However, although Ali Lazem has immigrant backgrounds, there are major differences between the situation of his newly arrived students.

In a short period of time, Värnhemsskolan grows from eight to 35 classes for students who have recently come to Sweden.

Internally it becomes clear that the school is not involved. Several teachers report that they are worried about an increased polarization. In addition, criminals have gone to school to recruit students. Both staff and students testify that criminals have come to new arrivals on a number of occasions and tried to lure them to commit crimes, such as storing and longing dangers.

In November 2016, the school's management will contact the Malmö City Security Department.

Too late, it turns out.

"Thought that we were guarding was the solution to everything"

Several students who lived in Sweden for just a few years report that the noise at Värnhemsskolen escalated after the tougher asylum rules were introduced this summer. Including time-limited residence permits, reduced family reunification and an agreement with Afghanistan to enforce thousands of unaccompanied people. Students' insecurity increased when they saw how one by one of the friends got a refusal. Many did not feel well and did not manage the school.

Teacher Fredrik Björkman, who is also the Ombudsman for the Teachers' Union, agrees.

"There was a large group who did not know if they were going to stay. They lived in limbo and would work with others who also lived in limbo. It's hard to teach someone who's traumatized and not getting help, acting out or locking.

Fredrik Björkman's work has become increasingly difficult. His job has been transformed - from learning what he is educated for - to doing the work of curators and doctors.

- Schools should soon recognize that this is difficult, we need help and can not do it ourselves. But school is a competitive activity, you need to have new students in school and the system encourages not to fully tell about the problems and needs that exist.

Even a man who has been a guardian at school before the management switched to order guards with greater powers, said the school leadership had not checked.

"The management thought we were guarding the solution to everything. But it provoked only some students more.

Religious conflicts at school

Both he and several students we talk to tell us that the noise has had many different causes. Sometimes there have been settlements, trouble about money money. Religious conflicts are not uncommon but fights between different peoples are mainly due to "we and them" -mentality that occurs when many belong to their own group.

Fredrik Björkman wants the school to get money based on the social problems that exist. Not just what programs the school has.

"Money is not enough when social problems arise. The problem with the free choice of school is that if the municipality raises money to Värnhemsskolan, they must also raise the student money to independent schools. Schools can apply for extras but it takes a lot of time. Therefore, resource allocation is skewing today, he says.

Värnhemsskolan is a proud and attractive vocational school. Malmo's oldest. After the high school 2011, vocational programs fell into attractiveness. Then the school lost a lot of students. At the same time, more and more young new arrivals came to Sweden. The school decided to build a starting school from where new arrivals later could be passed on to other schools and programs.

But the number of classes grew and other schools did not take responsibility.

"We have taken great responsibility. We are happy to do that too, but it has meant that we have not been able to introduce everyone correctly, "says Rector Barbro Willners.

The teachers disappeared

Instead of returning quickly to programs and other schools, many have remained at Värnhemsskolan. Today, half the school is starting school, with young people who have traveled throughout Europe.

In the autumn of 2015, the upper secondary school had difficulty in retaining teachers who taught Swedish as a second language when independent teachers and others invited each other. Värnhemsskolans Swedish as second language teachers could receive fifty thousand kronor more if they went to a primary school. The teachers disappeared and it became chaotic.

For example, pupils were placed in other municipalities without the Malmö school being told something.

Below the barbed wire at the entrance to the school is a student unable to enter through a high swing gate with a card lock.

- What are you reading? asks a uniformed guard on the other side.

The pupil, who has a pass card in his hand, does not seem to speak Swedish and has difficulty understanding.

- Swedish? Language? trying the guard. Are you sure you're coming into this gate?

It turns out she went in and out again a few minutes ago. In order for students not to let in unauthorized persons, it takes a few minutes for the card to be used again. She can stand out there for a while.
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