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Thursday, November 29, 2018

One incident, two spins

It's fascinating to see liberal and conservative pages reporting the same incident - Lindsey Graham and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's online argument - with opposite spins.

Daily Caller: Lindsey Graham Has A Recommendation For Ocasio-Cortez After She Likens The Holocaust To Migrant Caravan (reading on the Daily Caller's Facebook as: "Ocasio-Cortez likens Holocaust to Migrant Caravan - Graham 2.0 gives visceral history lesson; mischevously she conflates Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, the Rwandan genocide, the Syrian civil war and the current caravan)

Second Nexus: READ: Auschwitz Memorial Tweets 'the Holocaust Actually Did Not Start From Gas Chambers. This Hatred Gradually Developed From Words, Stereotypes & Prejudice READ: Auschwitz Memorial Tweets 'the Holocaust Actually Did Not Start From Gas Chambers. This Hatred Gradually Developed From Words, Stereotypes & Prejudice (showing up on George Takei's Facebook as: "After Lindsey Graham tried to school Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the difference between the Holocaust and th..."; I note that despite the spin, the Auschwitz Memorial actually concedes that they are different things, despite what AOC claims)

It is also interesting to note that the President of a Jewish association (and son of refugees) and a descendant of Holocaust survivors take the opposite view from the Auschwitz memorial and US holocaust museum:

Ocasio-Cortez compares migrant caravan to Jews fleeing Nazi Europe - Diaspora - Jerusalem Post:

"Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America and the son of Jewish refugees, has become the most outspoken defender of Trump’s immigration policies among Jewish organization heads. In a series of tweets Sunday, Klein suggested that the Central American migrants aren’t actually refugees."

Ocasio-Cortez compares caravan migrants to Holocaust survivors:

"Yossi Gestetner, an American ultra-Orthodox Jew who provides PR services and has thousands of Twitter followers, said the humanitarian situation in South America is not comparable to the Holocaust.

“People were rushing the border today and throwing rocks. Border Patrol pushed back. Ocasio compared the rushers to Jews fleeing Europe … It is not the same on merit … and my grandparents did not border-rush despite suffering,” Gestetner vented.


"My grandparents lost their parents & siblings in the Holocaust. One of them also lost their spouse and both children. Despite this horror (that no one in the Caravan suffered), their journey did not include rushing a border/throwing rocks. They came legally into the US in 1950s."
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