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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Observations - 20th May 2018

Life goal: To have someone publish, after I die, "The collected essays, blog posts, online chats and emails of Gabriel Seah"

Eating lots of salad makes me feel like a white girl. Maybe I should eat more yong tau hoo and fish soup to connect with my roots

"Swiss style cooking teaches you the value of good ingredients. Asian style cooking teaches you the value of good sauces."

University admissions and job candidate selection are basically exercises in objectification

""Peter Pan men" "refuse to grow up" "video game escapism"
"Man up and marry"

Feminists talk a lot about freedom from gender performance, but they have a rather narrow script of approved behaviours for men to follow

So why do feminists rail on MGTOW? They can't be bothered with sex (no rape), leave women alone (no harassment), and just entertain themselves with a subsistence level life playing video games (no competition for empowering jobs).

Heh, it's all they ever wanted

the golden goose no longer lays eggs"

"My mother, through whom my family got healthcare through her job as a public school teacher, at one point threatend to take away my father's health insurance while he was on chemotherapy fighting for his life against cancer. He was feverishly consulting lawyers and trying to see what he could do to prevent this from happening (this was in the pre-Obamacare era, he died in 2006).

She justified such treatment - and this was only one example - the name of feminism and historical iniquities against women.

"No true feminist" you may say? No true Scottsman right?"

Is it worse to be wrong for the right reasons or right for the wrong reasons?

The same arguments for euthanising animals would apply to babies and children as well.

If you think human lives aren't more important than animal ones, we should kill off humans to protect animals

If, as animal rights activists say, we have moral responsibility to some animals, isn't it discrimination to not care about others (e.g. in the wild)? Unless you're talking about the distinction between positive and negative duties, but then Peter Singer says it's immoral to not donate most of your income for the welfare of kids halfway around the world whom you
don't know, so aren't we discriminating against animals if we don't similarly care for animals in the wild

If sentient suffering is the reason eating animals is wrong, we could eat humans if we killed them painlessly

If bestiality is wrong because animals are incapable of consenting to sex, is it rape every time they mate with other animals?

If meat is murder can you really be friends with murderers? (cf. being friends with "racists" [like Trump supporters])

If a politician, representing his constituents, does or says something opposite to what he believes or says, is he a hypocrite?

Just as voting is better seen as civic participation than influencing election outcomes, voter ID can be seen more as an affirmation of the democratic process than a way to prevent fraud
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