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Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Observations - 6th March 2018

"Wasn’t it merely months ago that Cathay bravely stood up for LGBT rights over the objections of bigoted fanatics? And now Cathay is to be boycotted just because its sister company (over which it probably has next to zilch influence) is making shows that Alfian doesn’t like."

"I actually grew up as a victim of racism from my teachers.
1 from my primary school who picked on me because of my mixed ethnic background and because I didn't look malay and the other from my religious class who attributed my inability to parrot arabic because of my mixed ethnic background as well"

"Huh? Saying you pushed Eden away and then got penetrated is like Cecilia Sue saying she tried to push Ng Boon Gay away but somehow ended up having contact with his private part."

“the SPLC considers the Daily Caller to lean into hate speech, which is good enough for me. If they ever do the same for CNN or The Economist, I would support their removal as well. All "news" simply is not equal in this day and age.”

"I expect the proponents of "you're more likely to die in a car crash than from an islamic terror attack" to be consistent and to say "your kid is more likely to die at the skate park than from a mass school shooting".

""Not up for debate" is a phrase almost exclusively used by people who do not have an argument nor do they know how to debate."

RT @atomasevic: Me: Good morning Neil!
Neil DeGrasse Tyson: To you, perhaps. But to 4 billion other people it’s an afternoon, or a night. You see, the way the solar system works...
Me: Fuck off! (Re:)

If my boss asks me to help him get a coffee he is abusing his power because I dare not say no and hurt my career

Why are lip plates and neck rings okay but not pricking the clitoral hood? (to say nothing of ear piercing)

"women, in general, do get sexually harassed, perhaps a lot... If you ask them face to face, they will say no."
"So basically when a woman says no she means yes"

"if the law states that a drunk person may not give consent, is the reverse also true i.e a drunk person may not withdraw consent"

One way men can avoid being accused of mansplaining - never talk to any women, ever

Singaporean Feminist: "there are university students here who genuinely believe women should have their pay docked for producing "unequal work" when they go on maternity leave. Nice system for men, they get to use female bodies to breed while simultaneously penalising women for breeding"
This is not the only articulation of this view I've seen. In other words, many feminists believe in equal pay for unequal work

Wondering how spammers send me spam that comes flagged for followup in Hotmail

It takes some nerve to request a read receipt on spam you send out

Got unsolicited call from someone who claimed to be from a licensed moneylender. I told him if he was licensed he would know cold calling was illegal. He quickly ended the call.
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