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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Swedish Migration Policy

On migration in Sweden:

"My friend's brother
He went to Sweden with a tourist visa

He worked with a lawyer for a migration case.

He told them that I don't want money from you, I don't want anything, I just want to have a residency with my family because I'm an atheist and it's very gangrenous for us to stay in Baghdad as he was receiving threats

I will open a private business when I will be settled with my family " he has two small daughters "

The answer from the Swedish immigration office was

Rejected: as you are able to open a business so you don't need our help to stay here, we focus on the people who are in a real need.

And the guy told her
My daughters life is in danger and you only thought that as I'm in a good economic level, so I'm not" the migrant " that you target ?"

This fits in with what we know about Swedish migration policy. The scrapped permanent residence for all Syrians policy aside:

The Swedish Government’s overall EU priorities 2017 -

"In its EU-related work in 2017, the Government is giving priority to... a solidarity-based refugee and migration policy"


"Between 2003 and 2012, nearly 20% of permanent migrant inflows into Sweden were made up of humanitarian migrants – the largest share of all OECD countries. Such migrants have more difficulties to integrate in all OECD countries."

Sweden - the OECD's highest per capita recipient of asylum seekers

"When the figures are adjusted on a per capita basis then Sweden takes a clear lead. It received 5,700 asylum seekers for every million residents of the country. This is more than twice as many as any other country in the OECD"
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