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Friday, March 17, 2017

Greek History = Athenian History

"The surviving material, particularly the literary sources, is vastly fuller for Athenian history than for that of any other Greek state. Nor is it only about the little city-states of the third rank that precise information is often entirely lacking; it is still impossible to compose even in outline a continuous history of so leading a state as Corinth. Thus is it inevitable that modern histories of (Ancient) Greece might with almost greater accuracy be described as histories of Athens. The fact that Athens was for virtually the whole period the intellectual leader of Greece and for a great part of it exercised a preponderating influence also in economic and artistic life, to a considerable extent redresses the balance; it makes the narrative which assigns one-half or even two-third of the space to Athens less out of perspective than a superficial observer might suppose." --- A History of the Greek World From 479 to 323 B.C. / Max Ludwig Wolfram Laistner
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