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Sunday, February 19, 2017

On the Mess that is Qoo10

A: Thinking of ordering some things
-> Open qoo10/lazada
-> Panic ensues

what-the-fuck UI.

B: Qoo10 is what you get if you browse Amazon while being on LSD

C: Qoo10 UI is absolute rubbish. That's why I don't use them at all.

D: Qoo10 is the epicentre of misleading marketing. It's a miracle people still go there.

A: Upfront honesty is rare around here. O Amazon why hath thou forsaken us.

D: At least Lazada doesn't advertise a certain price in the search page and then add a bunch of ridiculous surcharges because of item colour or warranty.

A: I think its the sellers' fault for all these misleading prices. For example 3000k 810lm led lamps really shouldn't cost 30 singapore pesos, each. More like 3 and at most 10.

D: It's also Qoo10's system at fault for allowing such behaviour. Seems to work for them though…

E: Most sinkies are idiots. That's why scam sites like qoo10 are still in business.

F: Be patient.. the lord Amazon will soon draw nigh.. Take heart O shopper for thy faith will be rewarded.

G: You'd be surprised how many of the older gen doesn't give 2 shits about the UI, hence it being left like that since time began (also that a cluttered layout used to be more appealing towards an Asian culture)

H: It's still more appealing in most Asian culture, mostly I think due to language system. Singapore is a bit different because we use mostly English.

I: I knew folks who used to work there. No good rationale, just money making corp agendas
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