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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

On the US subsidising the rest of the world

I think few people have noticed another funny... - Michael Petraeus

"I think few people have noticed another funny thing - how easily the attention seeking left is being manipulated into doing things others want. In this case - of course, it's Donald Trump.

Trump takes funding away from organizations promoting abortions abroad. Reactions on the left:
Day 1. Outrage! What a despicable human being, pushing us back to the Middle Ages!
Day 2. Netherlands starts an international abortion fund to replace funds taken by the US.

Ah, so it turns out American taxpayer doesn't have to fund them after all! It took just a little nudge and look! Money was found!

Temporary ban on travelers from selected unstable Middle Eastern countries. Reactions on the left:
Day 1. Outrage! They are like Jews fleeing Nazi persecution! Trump is a hateful bastard going against American ideals! What will these people do now?!
Day 2. Justin Trudeau: Canada will take refugees banned by the US.

So this time it turns out USA is not the only country you can go to. So it's not like it has any 'obligation' to take in everyone just because some folks think that's the "right" thing to do.

Trump said 'no' twice - and lefties rebelled for a second and then did things themselves. We have to praise the new American president for so skillful management of the underutilized human and financial resources on the political left!

All it took to get them to actually do something was to be, for once, assertive. And just look! If there's a will, there's a way.

The funny thing is - the more they do it, the more they reinforce original narrative Trump presented. That America is used by others for their own benefit, that American taxpayers are paying for things they never really wanted to pay for. Take away the funds and all of a sudden it turns out that money is somehow found elsewhere! Magic!

PS. Notice how he also floated the same idea around NATO. If some countries don't fulfill their commitments why should US come to their aid? A bit of outrage - and now everybody is scrambling for money. There's even renewed talk of a possible EU army and closer European defense cooperation.

Well whaddaya know..."


"Look how much US taxpayers are spending on the world - military and economic aid via the UN or directly across ME and Africa. Billions in aid to Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt etc. Not to mention massive expenses on securing global trade routes, for which US is not compensated by anybody.

And yet, it is widely hated, ridiculed and disrespected. Even by Europeans, who consider Americans simpletons - even though US practically bankrolls NATO's existence."

Comment seen elsewhere: "Seems the whole world runs into a problem when America stops acting as the charity fund for all humanity."
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