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Monday, December 05, 2016

Why I am Pessimistic about Racial-Religious Harmony in Singapore - Case Studies

Exhibit A:

A: Bloody scenes as Muslim Shi'ites beat and mutilate themselves to celebrate Ashura | Daily Mail Online

Warning - gruesome images.

A majority of Muslims worldwide don't subscribe to this ritual.

B: There's no basis for this at all in Islam. And yet many are calling this practice 'islamic' which therefore means it's one of those smearing campaigns yet again

Me: Shias are Muslim too

B: Yeah right. And you're using dailymail as your go-to reference. Lol

Me: Hitting one’s body in grief [Ed: This is from Shia Pen, whose "sole goal is to refute the false propaganda against Shia and the teachings of Islam". This link looks at what the Qur'an and Sunnahs say about hitting oneself, which Shiites use to justify hitting themselves during the Mourning of Muharram]

B: Islamic practices are those that are premised in the Quran and Hadith or the prophet's traditions. Not from any others. Strange but are we supposed to believe what Islamic and non Islamic is about based on those who never read the Quran, are not practising Muslims or even study the prophet's tradition. This is certainly a smearing campaign

Me: There are other Shia forums talking about it. Are Shias smearing themselves?

B: And A - stop posting these kinds of fabrications. You're not helping much but are creating confusion amongst those who are lazy to read and do research

Me: Lol

A: One thing's for sure - self-mutilation is not Islam because as B mentioned, it's not sanctioned in any Quranic verse/Hadith, and none of the Messengers/Prophets had practiced it.

C: It's is best not to question the state of someone's Islam. The witnessing of the shahadah and the belief in it is enough to make someone a Muslim.

If or not he is a good Muslim or how far the deviation is is altogether another matter. The Shia are varied and the theology equally varied, many still falling squarely among the ahli shahadah despite not being among the mainstream. That in no way discounts that some of the Shia have deviated far too much so much so that it has invalidated their shahadah. This however requires careful analysis. Responsible Sunni traditional scholarship has acknowledged this wide variation among the Shia and are careful to issue a blanket ruling.

I think you should do your research on the Shia before you make any accusations.

However it is clear that this action has no basis in Islam

B: Yes there are different interpretations. And to fan this whole anti Islam and anti Muslim feelings, I think Gabriel should be taken to task by the authorities. He's insinuating something here

Me: And this is why Singaporeans don't want to talk about race and religion. Because even talking about the diversity of Islam gets you

B: Because you're not a credible person to be talking about islam

C: Gabriel stop sticking your nose in where it's not wanted. It's pretty rich of you to lecture us on our religion. You are not having a conversation about Islam, you wish to lecture Muslims on Islam so please you have no authority to do so. This is not a conversation of sharing and understanding. And I've seen your posts in the past, you hide behind civility but you intend malice.

B I agree with you on Gabriel's attitude but let's but surgical abt it. Do not fall into injustice in trying to uphold justice.

A: I have to agree with C about Gabriel's tone. a little humility will go a long way..


Exhibit B:

Wake Up, Singapore posts an article: Saudi woman pictured not wearing hijab faces calls for her execution | The Independent

Caption: "Some Saudis care more about her clothing than her life."


Sean Bautista: A big fuck you to the admin of this page. You're just inciting more hatred against Islam. Doesn't matter where you stand or your opinions but just let them be! This doesn't concern you or any Singaporeans whatsoever. Fuck you again. There I said it.
(30 likes as of the time I write this)

Abu Maysarah Al Makani: 😂bro i dnt condone swearing in public but u said what i was thinking..#mangkukadminla

Wake Up, Singapore: And what exactly are you gonna sue us for? If they really have nothing to do with Islam and it's practioners, then why get so worked up?

Haha, you amuse me. When we post about the Rohingyas or Palestinians, who also have, as you put it, 'nothing to do with Singapore,' you don't say anything.

When we call out Saudi's barbarism, you get your knickers in a twist.

Grow a thicker hide la brother..

Abu Maysarah Al Makani: Take this post down or face the authority! For stirring religious hate amongst singaporeans. I promise u if u dnt, this post will go viral amd it will reach the media. Police report will be made against u.

Shukri Shukri: Walauwei i used to like this page untill few mins ago yall strt calling others barbaric and have no respect for other religion.

Affandi Tahugoreng: You are rude.

Khai CT Monstar: i'm unliking this page

Hairi Asuka: Fucked up. Unlike liao. Bai.


Exhibit C would've been a thread where a few people reacted to critique of racial relations in Singapore with comments along the lines of how talking about this was disrupting racial harmony, but I can't find it.

This is not an uncommon occurence, however.

Close enough is:

Recent Posts in Atheism - SgForums.com:

"It's just the Singapore way, stemming from traditional family beliefs that one should not talk about things taboo.

The best way to have racial harmony is to not raise sensitive issues or debates."

Addendum: I've found one

Racism Looks Different In Singapore - And Yes, It Still Hurts

OP: Race is an incredibly sensitive topic, especially in a nation like Singapore. To question racial harmony in this country is to poke at the very social fabric that binds our nation together—and I think this is where the root of the problem lies.

A: Whether one likes to believe it or not, the racial fault line is deep here and one tremor let alone an earthquake, all hell could break loose.

B: Agree with A. We need to be sensitive.
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