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Friday, November 04, 2016

Links - 4th November 2016

Animal Lovers League - ALL Authorized Page - Timeline - "The driver must have seen Sayang as the volunteer noticed the car slowing down. But the driver kept driving and accidentally or otherwise, hit Sayang. She kept on driving even when Sayang was under the carriage of the car. That was when the volunteer started chasing the car and it stopped. The volunteers told her she should have stopped and helped them with the injured dog. That was when the driver became upset and said "F.... you. It is only a dog," and drove off."
The comments are scary
Many people are upset about dogs being killed, but not other animals. Much less humans.

Woman CSI-ed out as owner of car that hit dog wasn’t the one driving car that hit dog at the time - "Animal lovers and keyboard warriors all around Singapore were p*** off at a woman who supposedly said “F*** you. It’s only a dog” after hitting a dog and driving off. The dog was being taken care of by the Animal Lovers League (ALL). Some even went to check the car’s registration plate and traced the name of the owner of the car. After the name of the car owner was splashed across the Internet, other Internet vigilantes pointed out that the car owner supposedly works for Huttons Asia, a real estate agency. This led to viral articles painting the car owner as the one who hit the dog, such as this article with over 4,000 shares. Swarms of one-star reviews hit Huttons Asia’s Facebook page shortly after. All this while, nobody stopped to wonder if someone else could have been driving the car at the time instead. The Animal Lovers League, after meeting with the management of Huttons Asia, said in a Facebook update that there were two police reports lodged in relation to this case. The first report was by the vehicle owner stating to the police that she was not the driver at the material time. The second report was lodged by another lady, admitting to being the driver of the said vehicle at the material time. They also shared that the driver who hit the dog “is not an agent or employee of Huttons.” It is not known whether Huttons Asia or the car owner is considering legal action against those who erroneously pinned blame."
This would be a good time to use the Protection from Harassment Act

Employer of owner of “it’s just a dog, f**k you” hit-and-run car investigates case, gets inundated with one-star ratings - "Huttons Asia is a real estate agency in Singapore, and it’s not having a good week at all. Since the words “It’s just a dog, f**k you” said by the woman who ran over a dog belonging to Animal Lovers’ League became immortalised online on Sunday, the fury of pretty much everyone was incited."
Friend: "Witch hunting: Singaporeans' top skill. I always believed that Singaporeans are a bunch of miserable people aiming to make other people's lives miserable too.
Comment on page: "I was told by Huttons staffs in Hougang that it was someone else driving the car at the time of the accident. And they said that her details is now out in the public just like that. This is the kind of world we live in now."
Comments on Facebook: "I don't see people going after drivers who've knocked down people with this kind of vengeance. Why don't people csi every hit and run case or RTA involving a human too?"
"Her life? No that would be too easy a way out for her."
"since the MRT keep breaking down, why don't y'all smart alecs go target government websites too? Bring them down, hunt them down and threaten them. You guys are bringing the reputation of a innocent company down, remember the bullies are you guys."
"this is like destroying an entire ant-hill with a blowtorch just become one ant fell into your soup."
"In times like these where people are losing jobs, keyboard warriors are making things worse."
"Here in sg, when given the opportunity, everyone is out for blood. Give them a reason and they will take the opportunity to finish you and everyone around you."
"The only good this has done is provide a list of horrible people you shouldn't be friends with."
"Singaporean's other favourite pass time when not gorging on food and posting foodpics online.....mob trolling the latest hate target online."
"you are ALL one bad day away from becoming this person"
"How does one square the online vitriol towards a human being with kindness towards animal?"

The Real Story of Sunil Tripathi, the Boston Bomber Who Wasn't - "Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi, which premiered in March at the Atlanta Film Festival, is as much a cautionary tale of how social media can influence the mainstream discourse--for better or for worse--as it is about a family's search for answers... "Sunil being reported in any way associated with the Boston bombing was inaccurate and unsourced and strictly a result of sort of a mass rumor coming through social media"
Maybe he killed himself because of the (mistaken) CSI-ing - something fans of it and the online dogpiling should take note of

Buying a halal microwave for the office - - "The muslims in my office are asking for another halal microwave because they say they cant use the exisiting one as we use it to warm up pork stuff. Is it common in ur office? We are small office so wonder that is the norm in other offices. We have 4 muslims out of 20. Buddhists seem to be ok with warming up beef stuff though."
"Dbs got like that.. fridge also got halal"
"not only the price la... the space ocupied is more expensive"
"My work place every branch also have two microwaves, two toasters."
"ask them to split the cost then. also tell them, money also got touch by butchers who handles pork. ppl who eat pork stuff also touch money, since money also not halal, u guys use your not halal money and buy a microwave la. if they say, if they dont know their money not halal, then is not crime. then ask them to pretend the existing microwave use for halal food only."
"tell them buy their own microwave. the whole world need to accomdate to their religion issit. noone force them to be islam wo. is their choice. and you have to pay the consequence for the choices you make."
"Those that use halal microwave to heat non halal food like subway ish jin funny"
"one guy got angry because someone put up an order form for suckling pig (near CNY period) in the office"
"where will this stop? will we need segregated halal toilet? halal desk? halal aircon? my office vegetarian ok with using common oven, just saying..."
"so simple sell the microwave that you have can le. everyone dont have. fair liao."
"Ask them buy themselves lah. You buy microwave, next month say buy halal fridge"
"hawker center tables got touch pork stuff b4. they cannot touch also"
"liddat can rop excuse from biz related subjects cause all got interest rate and interest is haram."
"actually if got space to put, they can pool $$ to buy wat coz they wanted it"
"They could seal their food in a Ziploc if they are so concerned. I dun see a need to waste extra money to buy two. Lky was right"

Rising trend of halal labelling generates concern - "The paint tin has a silhouette of a mosque on the label, while the paint company's brochure has the face of a pig crossed out... Bernahal says the chemicals in its paints are free from lard, which is considered unclean in Islam... In Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, there are many other items touted as halal, such as a computer mouse, headscarves and even shirt buttons. In Malaysia, there are discussions whether to introduce halal supermarket trolleys that cannot be used by buyers of pork. There is also a recently launched halal Internet browser and halal household detergents... HALAL CAT FOOD: Pets do not have a religion, but just in case their Muslim owners want their furry friends to follow the same dietary restrictions... HALAL PLASTIC BAGS, DETERGENTS, FACIAL CLEANSERS: Manufacturers now churn these out, with guarantees of no pork or alcohol content in these products... HALAL HEADSCARVES: Indonesian brand Zoya received flak on social media for claiming its fabrics use only plant- based emulsifiers, not pig gelatin... "People ask for a halal toilet bowl because it comes into contact with humans. Same for plastic bags and packaging that have contact with food"... Lumin Spring International Group produces mineral water that has the Jakim halal logo. "If we tell buyers that our water is Malaysian halal-certified, it sells better"... commercial uses of the label have spurred a group of auditors, including Muslim Singaporeans, to form a new association to help governments certify manufacturers using halal guidelines and standard practices. The International Association of Halal Auditors [aims] to quash "halal extremism" and set the record straight on what is "genuinely halal and good", Mr Imran told The Straits Times. "Having unnecessarily stricter rules towards halal will lead to halal extremism. Who would have thought of halal paint, halal tudung and halal condoms?" he said. "Halal extremism is slowly creeping in as some clerics impart their own judgment, hence making halal more stringent"... Some go beyond what the religion requires, in what is described by Mr Asri as being "halal crazy"... Kopi luwak is halal in Singapore. But it is haram - not permissible for Muslim consumption - in Malaysia."

How To Report Spam From GMail Account - "if it is really from GMail then report it here. Note: While it may look like the form above should used to submit phishing emails only, the header says - “I would like to report a Gmail user who has sent messages that violate the Gmail Program Policies and/or Terms of Use.”, which is appropriate for reporting spam."

Are variations in gender equality evident in pornography? A cross-cultural study - "An analysis of variance (ANOVA) was used to test the hypothesis that – consistent with their GEM ranking – popular Norwegian pornography would depict women in more empowered positions than pornography from the United States and Japan. Results supported this hypothesis. This finding could be attributed to the wider variety in Norwegian pornography, e.g. greater variation in the women's age, weight, and body positioning. There were no significant differences in the extent models in the three countries appeared in demeaning positions."
Keywords: aggressive, Japanese, confidence, posture, Swedish, actresses

IT leaders pick productivity over security - "When asked in the Barkly study what the biggest issues around implementing effective security procedures are, 41 percent said they slow down the system, 33 percent said they're too expensive, 36 percent cited too many updates and 20 percent said that security "requires too much headcount to manage." IT leaders are being forced to choose between strong security and productivity, and most companies are sticking to the latter, according to the data from Barkly. Ultimately, these solutions aren't stopping breaches, as the study points out, and the effects are simply slowing down day-to-day business."

台湾为什么不推广简体字,而是仍然使用繁体字? - 简繁比较 - 知乎 - "我在台湾还没有遇到过把“繁体字”称为“正体字”、把“简体字”称为“残体字”的人"

Iceland's women leave work at 2.38pm to protest gender pay gap - "Thousands of female employees across Iceland walked out of workplaces at 2.38pm on Monday to protest against earning less than men. Iceland is the best country in the world for gender equality, yet women still earn on average 14 to 18 per cent less than their male colleagues."
Maybe Iceland's women are paid 14% less than men because they do things like leaving work early. Though actually, in Iceland women work 37 hours a week vs men's 47. So if anything the gender pay gap is too low and should be 21%

Pocket 3.0.6 download for those who want the extension back : firefox: - "it's not signed by Mozilla so here's a version that is:!T5RjHZyb!yXz5Wj-x7lWdRKbcCaMQ0_lZfpI828spmIm_sOEX5Ng"

In My Pocket :: Add-ons for Firefox: - "For all those who are missing the old Firefox Pocket addon, here is an unofficial client for the excellent Pocket service. Enjoy!"

WebCite - "Authors increasingly cite webpages and other digital objects on the Internet, which can "disappear" overnight. In one study published in the journal Science, 13% of Internet references in scholarly articles were inactive after only 27 months. Another problem is that cited webpages may change, so that readers see something different than what the citing author saw. The problem of unstable webcitations and the lack of routine digital preservation of cited digital objects has been referred to as an issue "calling for an immediate response" by publishers and authors. An increasing number of editors and publishers ask that authors, when they cite a webpage, make a local copy of the cited webpage/webmaterial, and archive the cited URL in a system like WebCite®, to enable readers permanent access to the cited material."

Tennis: Kuznetsova cuts her own hair to beat Radwanska - "Spectators at Singapore's Indoor Stadium looked on in stunned disbelief when the Russian gave herself an impromptu haircut early in the deciding third set, asking the umpire to get her a large of pair scissors before proceeding to chop off the end of her ponytail and tossing the loose strands onto her seat. "It was bothering me a lot. I was trying to put it behind my headband, but my hair is very thick and heavy," Kuznetsova explained... "Good thing she didn't cut her anything else. I think hair is not very important"... Kuznetsova reeled off the last three games to register one of the bravest wins of her career."

This guy's resignation letter got rewritten by his manager, who praised the company and himself

Fussy-eating toddlers 'not the fault of parents' - "Two-year-old Alice does not like meat and only eats broccoli with ketchup, but scientists researching toddlers' eating habits do not blame her parents. Instead, her fussy food preferences are - largely - down to who she is and the genes she has inherited. They play a key role in her willingness to eat, or even try, new foods. But parents are not completely off the hook - children's behaviour can be changed"

Denying sex to husband for long period ground for divorce: Delhi High Court - "Denying sex to husband for a long time without any justification amounts to mental cruelty and is a ground for divorce, Delhi High Court has said. The verdict came on a petition by a husband seeking divorce, complaining that his wife had subjected him to mental cruelty by not allowing him to have physical relations for four-and-a-half-years though she was not suffering from any physical disability... The man claimed that he and his family members were subjected to mental cruelty by his wife as she was not doing household work"

Psst: Here Are The WiFi Passwords For Airports Across The World

Prime Minister John Key pulled waitress' ponytail - "Prime Minister John Key has dismissed his hair-pulling pranks as "a bit of banter", saying he apologised to an Auckland waitress when it became clear his approaches were unwanted. The waitress made the claims that Key repeatedly tugged on her ponytail in an anonymous blog post... The claims follow a Campbell Live segment last year where Key, as part of a wider political leaders story, was filmed touching the ponytail of a young girl at the Matakana market, north of Auckland. Key's ponytail pulling was reported around the world"
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