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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Being Intolerant of Intolerance


"Was buying dinner in a food court and heard a commotion. Some old local chinese fogey apparently said something nasty about Indians. A middle-aged local chinese guy started yelling at him, repeatedly shouting "This is Singapore! You can go back to China!"

Then middle-aged guy shouts "Say sorry!" Old fogey shouts back "No!" Middle-aged guy starts shouting "This is Singapore!" again. Old fogey shouts "Fuck you!" Middle-aged guy got really enraged and shouted repeatedly "You don't fuck me ok! You don't fuck me ok!" and started to move forward to shove the old guy.

Was going to intervene if they were coming to blows but someone else stepped in to lead the middle-aged guy away.

I can't decide who's the bigger racist and idiot."

I guess this is called "intersectionality".
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