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Friday, July 29, 2016

Links - 29th July 2016

Politically Correct Schoolgirls Cover Up Their Own Sex Attacks At Hands Of Migrants - "Pupils at the Herder school in Kassel, Germany have been subjected to months of sexual assault by “much older” migrant males on their way to and from school, dating back as far as September 2015. The three girls aged between 16 and 18 were repeatedly touched inappropriately and verbally abused, but they refused to report the incidents to the police or their school because the perpetrators were “refugees”. German newspaper the Hessian Niedersächsische Allgemeine reports the girls realised the “social-political” implications of their reporting their crimes, with the significant amount of press attention swirling around migrant sex assault, leading to them becoming what the paper identified as “paralysed by political correctness”... Breitbart London reported on the case of a young female no-borders activist who was gang raped by Sudanese migrants in the shower block of a camp on the French-Italian border in 2015. The other migrants in the camp were having a party and playing music, so her cries were unheard. Subsequently, after persuasion by other activists the woman decided not to report her rape because to do so would set back her dream of a borderless world. After she betrayed the political ideals of the other volunteers at the camp and reported the abuse, some of her fellow activists accused her of doing so out of “spite”."

Teen Male Dominates Girls Track And Field - "Haines senior Nattaphon Wangyot–who self-identifies as a girl–advanced to the state finals in the 100-meter and 200-meter events. He won fifth place in the 100-meter dash and third place in the 200-meter. In both events, he competed against girls as young as ninth grade."

19 Realities That Come With Having Big Boobs - 9GAG

In Defense of Denmark - "To characterize Denmark’s law, and others like it, as “targeting” migrants is misleading. Rather, with these laws, countries simply ask the same thing of newcomers as they do their native-born citizens. Danes are rightly proud of their social welfare system, one of the most generous in the world. “The welfare state is part of our DNA,” Lars Gert Lose, Denmark’s ambassador to the United States, told me in a recent interview. Danes, he said, “love paying their taxes.” But they don’t take kindly to those who abuse the jealously guarded welfare state... To most Danes, then, the asset seizure law is not an act of hostility toward migrants, but rather an extension of the Scandinavian principle of social egalitarianism... Anti-migration sentiments are thus channeled in a healthy way — the parliamentary process — and not onto the streets. In Germany, wrongheaded immigration policies have boosted the far right and fractured a political culture that was once the envy of Europe for its comity... the wages of irresponsibly liberal immigration policies are being seen across the continent in the rise of populist, anti-immigration, and anti-EU political parties that now threaten the political stability of Europe itself. For too long, European leaders ignored their constituents, brushing off concerns about migration and national identity as taboo... In his derisory piece about those overzealously liberal Danes, Eakin referred to the cartoon controversy as “an irresolvable conflict” between European societies and their Muslim populations. If that assertion is true — if a majority or even a plurality of Muslims cannot accept that the freedom of speech includes the right to blaspheme — then it’s an unintended argument in favor of more restrictive migration policies... Yes, Denmark may be “harsh” and “liberal,” but sometimes you have to emphasize the former to protect the latter"

Londoners accidentally pay for free Wi-Fi with a firstborn, because no one reads anymore - "people basically never read the things they agree to online -- because if we did, we'd spend about 76 days a year doing it."

Islam & Gays -- They Remain in Denial about the Threat - "most gay spokespeople continue to think that the political Right is the sole locale from which anti-gay sentiment can come. For many years Pat Robertson was their worst nightmare. But Pat Robertson just wanted to stop gays from marrying. He didn’t call for people to throw us off high buildings. Despite the growing awareness that this was precisely what the Islamists wanted, gay “spokespeople,” publications, and groups went through the 2000s sharing the old leftish delusions. These included the idea that, as a “minority,” gays only had things in common with other “minorities.” So gay people were meant to be the natural political and social bedfellows not just of other gays but of people with disabilities, racial and religious minorities, and even, perhaps, women. Of course it was ridiculous. Gay men don’t have much in common with lesbians. Why — even if they had a unanimous view and voice — would they inevitably share the concerns of “all” people with one leg? Or Sikhs? Or Muslims? For this worldview to make any sense at all, you have to believe that there is a dominant, “patriarchal” voice in society, that this is the only bloc capable of bigotry, and that all these mini-communities ought to unite against this fantasy mainstream... A poll released in Britain in April found that 52 percent of British Muslims want homosexuality to be made illegal in Britain. That’s not just “not on board with gay marriage” or “not entirely hot with civil partnerships.” It’s wanting gays to be locked up. In Britain. In 2016. When it comes to real, as opposed to cake-based, homophobia, we aren’t looking at a Muslim-minority problem. We’re looking at a Muslim-majority problem...
The only thing that is certain is that the frayings in the patchwork quilt of diversity are going to fray more in the years ahead. Not by our pointing them out, but by the inevitable assertion of realities such as those suffered by Orlando this past weekend"

The smart products we are stupid enough to buy - "As I brushed, the screen lit up telling me which bit of my mouth I was working on. This might have been smart, only I knew the answer already. It timed my brushing (a task my own electric toothbrush does efficiently) and while it did so distracted me from the job by telling me (incorrectly) what the weather was like outside, and what was happening in the world. "Impressive!" it said when I was done. Again, this might have been nice, only I'm an adult, and therefore no longer need congratulating on having brushed my teeth."

Banned & blocked: Facebook & Reddit censor users after Orlando massacre - "Thousands of Reddit users were censored this weekend, according to Vocativ, even though many of the posts did not appear to violate the site’s rules on what can be categorized as news. A post appealing for blood donations in the area after the shooting was removed, causing outrage among Reddit users. Outside of the US, the Swedish radio station Sveriges Radios Ekoredaktion censored a press conference by police in Orlando over fears they might reveal the name of the shooter."

Reddit Turns to ‘The Donald’ for News—In Record Numbers - "Claiming “censorship” and citing “PC” culture, a record number of Reddit users unsubscribed from one of the site’s largest communities and joined r/The_Donald instead, the largest subreddit for Donald Trump supporters on the site."

A huge international study of gun control finds strong evidence that it actually works - "Santaella-Tenorio's study (co-authored with Columbia professors Magdalena Cerdá and Sandro Galea, as well as the University of North Carolina's Andrés Villaveces) examined roughly 130 studies that had been conducted in 10 different countries. Each of those 130 studies had looked at some specific change in gun laws and its effect on homicide and/or suicide rates. Most of those 130 studies looked at law changes in the developed world, such as the US, Australia, and Austria. A few looked at gun laws in developing countries, specifically Brazil and South Africa."

Why do we indulge the crimes of the Left? - "Hobsbawm was an unrepentant supporter of a system that killed millions and, as Nick Cohen has pointed out, surely would have killed him. Laden with honours throughout his life by the liberal democratic system, he went to his grave believing that all the murder had been worth it in order to achieve this deluded fantasy of a worker’s paradise. So powerful is ideology that a man can be brilliant in his field, which is after all the study of the human condition, and yet at the same time totally blind to one form of evil. But then he was hardly alone, and many intelligent, well-informed people are still at best ambivalent about the crimes of the Soviet Union, Communist China and the other Marxist states. I hear there may even be one or two in politics today... 'there is the hopeful optimism, which genuinely expects that next time around communism will be different. Next time it will be without a Stalin. Next time – without a Pol Pot. These terrible men were the product of specific times and contingencies, so the argument goes, and it could all work if we behave well. But the Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski dismissed the possibility of a democratic communism as ‘contradictory as a fried snowball’... A-level Government and Politics syllabus, which he describes as ‘downright scandalous’. As well as ‘reform is preferable to revolution’ it defined conservatism as ‘fear of diversity’ and support for ‘social and state authoritarianism’. Conservatism views people as ‘limited, dependent and security-seeking creatures’ and supports ‘resurgent nationalism … insularity and xenophobia’. The entry on socialism describes it as defined ‘social stability and cohesion, social justice, happiness and personal development’"

Nonbinary: Army veteran legally not male or female, judge rules - "The lawyer said the standard form provided by the court clerk listed only male or female as options, so Perriguey inserted "nonbinary.""

Elastic band is found growing into the flesh of four-year-old boy's WRIST - "Doctors in China have removed a rubber band from a young boy after it had grown into the flesh of his wrist. The four-year-old child, named Longlong, came close to having his arm amputated at the wrist after doctors in Chengdu, south-west China made the discovery, reports the People's Daily Online. Doctors said that the object was affecting the boy's bone growth and was beginning to restrict movement of his arms."

Star Wars: JJ Abrams finally explains Kylo Ren's creepy table of ashes - "The backstory is, that that table has the ashes of the enemies he’s killed"

BBC Radio 4 - From Our Own Correspondent, Murder in Bangladesh - "That largely American phenomenon - the school shooting. But it's not just a modern occurence. There've been gun attacks and deaths in US schools ever since the 1840s, with incidents in every decade since"

BBC Radio 4 - From Our Own Correspondent, Death From Above - "[On Hiroshima] The genetic legacy in Hiroshima is not what people think either. Babies born to survivors have shown no statistically significant difference in abnormalities from other Japanese babies. The really dark side of the Hiroshima bombing, my guide tells me, is the social discrimination. Fear of contamination has meant that many survivors are still single. Or they kept it secret that they were here. There are families with grandchildren, he says, who are just discovering today that a grandparent was in Hiroshima when the bomb exploded"

BBC Radio 4 - Best of Today, Why is France being targeted with acts of terror? - "'What's the mood among policemen in France?'
'You know in France, policemen are very very tired and bored. But we are obliged to do our duty. In fact you follow, you forget to speak about the migrants in Calais. Every day we have a lot of riots. For example yesterday the riot police used among 200 grenades to spray the migrants'"

BBC Radio 4 - Best of Today, Birmingham pub bombings: Victim’s sister confronts ex-IRA boss - "Kieran Conway, former head of IRA intelligence: 'I don't view IRA volunteers as murderers. I view them as people who participated in a just war'"

BBC Radio 4 - Best of Today, After Orlando: The battle against homophobia - "Northern Ireland... was a place that was divided by geography and politics as well as by religion, and more and more we're seeing a country where folks who don't go to church mostly live on the coasts. Folks who go to church a lot live in the South or the Midwest. In my state if you're a Democrat you live in the city and if you're a Republican you live in the rural areas. Those are divisions that we have not seen to the history of this country and I don't think it's a good sign for the Republic"
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