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Thursday, April 07, 2016

Real Men Commit Perjury

So the TRS (The Real Singapore) saga is ongoing, and the latest development is that:

Yang takes the stand, points finger at wife: 'It was her, not me'

In other words, after Ai Takagi pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 months' jail while pregnant, Yang Kaiheng is claiming that he had (almost) nothing to do with the running of TRS.

Many people speculate that this is part of a conscious legal strategy where the couple got married (they weren't when they were first arrested), and the woman then got pregnant in order to get a lighter sentence (I note in addition that women get lighter prison sentences than men) while the man disclaims responsibility. The combined criminal sanctions are thus minimised.

Interestingly, on The Middle Ground, many people are slamming Yang Kaiheng for not being "a real man"

When confronted with the possibility that the couple's account of facts might be right, i.e. that Takagi really was responsible for TRS and Yang was not, many even say that non "scumbag" males should take the rap for their women.

Apparently, real men commit perjury.

As an aside, the moral panic about the posts is amusing. I'm just surprised no one talked about race riots.

Sample comments:

"a real man pushed all the blames to his pregnant wife and made her go to jail on his behalf. Scums of the century!"

"Even if true a real man should absorb the blame and protect his wife and baby."

"Goodness - should own up like a man. The hurt that he, his wife and TRS did to innocent people for so long through their lies, twisting of the truth and blatant libelous rubbish that they wrote, published and promoted can never be undone. Should be at least 10 years in jail each. Tch."

"A really sorry excuse for a man. Dare to stir up trouble but don't dare to face the music and push everything unto the wifey."

"This is the kind of people who wants to challenge the government and write senseless and irresponsible stuff to defame. Now pushing the blame to pregnant wife. Simply coward, ball-less and despicable."

"Behind every successful man, stands his woman?"

"Got penis to impregnate her and no balls to admit . Shamw"

"Lovely couple of the year n award goes to ........"

"His wife should leave him for good!"

"Feels so embarrased for his parents who raised such a sissy coward up"
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