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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Comments about Roy Ngerng Defamation Verdict

The comments (and likes on them) on TODAY are more representative of how Singaporeans think than the liberal echo chamber:

TODAY - JUST IN: Blogger Roy Ngerng will pay S$100 a month for 5...

Top Comment: "Our country needs to teach people like him must teach a hard lesson . If not they will destroy our values. Thank you for the laws in Singapore."


"Roy Ngerng deserves every bit of it as he did not watch his mouths and make false allegations and he was unable to substantiate his accusations. Freedom of speech does not equates to freedom to malign another person, in this case, it happens to be the PM."

"You can't just say anything you want and expect no consequences. That is childishness."

"多你—个不祘多,少你一个不祘少。我相李总理也不希窂你的respect. *thumbs down*"

"Now just teach you a lesson with the Chinese Saying : " catch the chicken's to teach the monkey"
But if you still insist then you must be a Nut"

"PM Lee let him off too lightly. Respect him."

"forgiveness is wasted on the unrepentants"

"Hello. He published articles to say that PM corrupts and that should not be taken into task ?"

"Its an act of deterrent so that no Tom Dick n Harry will talk rubbish without thinking"

"You taking the Prime Minister as a joke.....your behavior getting out of hand....wonder what type of education you received from your parents or school not respecting....."

"Roy hope you learn your lesson think before you speak! And think more for your old age parents."

"PM has been too soft on Roy . He should be grateful and hopefully he has learned his lesson."

"Hahaha!!!!! Not bad at least he remembers what he did for this instalments of foolish act by a 'foreign' who think he is smart *crying laugh smiley*"

"Honestly LHL has a big heart , I mean be rational if u r the one suing !"

"Hope this young man learned his lesson. Refocus his priorities in life"

"I hope you can at least be grateful now, rather than continue to be an ingrate."

"Aiyah, after 5 years, LHL will absolve him of the rest lah.
Thats what he did for CSJ."
"LHL better not repeat the same mistake. See how CSJ is out there hopping around again now."

"Don't pick fights which you know you can't win. Stupid Roy. Go home."

"Fking bully sia our PM... just like Donald Trumph... okay not as bad but well..."
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