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Sunday, November 15, 2015

"Welcome to AsianBeauties!
AsianBeauties - 100% Joy Guarantee - Sexy Asian Dating...

What kind of girl do you want?
Conservative Outgoing Wild"

After logging in:

"One of the great aspects of AsianDate is that you can chat real-time with a host of gorgeous Asian women. Like you, they are looking for the partner of their dreams and are willing to spend lengthy periods of time online to get in touch with a special man. This section of AsianDate shows all those beautiful Orient women currently online and ready to Live Chat. It’s easy to visit this area and see immediately who you’d like to chat with and speed date in the comfort of your own home. This feature is one of the best and gives you a great chance to become immediately involved with scores of extraordinary women."

Note that there're already 3 names for this service: AsianBeauties, OrientBeauties and AsianDate. And the motto for AsianDate is "Love Knows no Boundaries" (well, if you're looking for Asian women at least).

At least of the 5 ladies in Singapore, 1 has a photo which was taken at Wisma Atria and another has one which looks like it could've been taken in an HDB estate.
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