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Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Alvin Tan 陈杰毅 - Not many of you know this, but, in 2003, my...

"Not many of you know this, but, in 2003, my grandfather passed away due to respiratory failure. The day he passed, I was with him the entire day. He refused to go to the hospital and instead wanted to die at home.

As I sent by his bed, he awoke at one point wishing to speak with me. He asked me if I would promise to do one last thing for him before he passed. I tried to stray his thoughts away from such inauspicious things, refusing to accept that his death was near, but he insisted. I gave my word.

He then told me he wanted to orgasm one last time, but, seeing as my grandmother had passed, he knew no one else who could assist him. I was a little taken aback but not nearly as much as I thought I would be. He said all he wanted was a simple handjob to get the job done.

After some deep deliberation, I obliged and began to go to work. As I was stroking his cock, I unwittingly became slightly aroused myself. After about 10 minutes in, he still hadn't climaxed, yet I was at full erect length by now.

I began to undress almost as if in a trance controlled purely by complete arousal. As he was all but immobile, I mounted him sticking his cock deep into my ass. At one point, during intercourse, he let out what seemed to be a gasp/moan.

I assumed he had orgasmed but wasn't entirely sure. I looked up to see his face only to see a still body before me. He had died while I was riding him. The official autopsy report was that he died due to respiratory failure due to some sort of heavy pressure on his chest (I didn't inform them what had happened between me and him).

When I think back on that day, one might think I might feel guilt as to his death, but I don't. I know, even though I may have caused his death, he died in what I assume would not be the worst death. And he'll remain in my prayers, for now and ever..."
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