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Monday, July 20, 2015

Everything's awesome to an American

BBC Today: Do US audiences struggle with British accents? (17/3/2015), on James Corden hosting The Late Late Show:

Lewis Schaffer (American comedian who has been based in the UK for 15 years):

"John Oliver and Craig Ferguson, they were, they seemed really happy to be there.

And they just acted like this is, like they've lucked out and won the lottery. And they had no expectations. And I think that's what Americans like: they like to be liked.

They're not like British people who, they, you know, you gotta be totally enthusiastic when you're in America.

Oh my god, I'm on TV. This is awesome.

Everything's awesome to an American.

Oh my god, we're in Iraq, oh how fantastic.

We've won, we've won in Iraq, didn't we win? We've won!

It's a learning lesson...

I think the reason he was chosen, because Craig Ferguson was English, and James Corden is English, in the minds of Americans.

Because it's all England to America.

So they thought, well, we had an English guy do well, let's get another one.

Host: Yeah, they could've gotten a Norwegian, couldn't they? They're still English

Lewis Schaffer: Hey, they're all islands off the coast of America"
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