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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Observations - 3rd June 2015

Shower gel where you must squeeze the bottle so it will dispense a certain amount are cons to get you to finish the bottle faster.

"I don't think you can engage in any "large scale shady business" without at least engaging or involving a Datuk."

"I once had a German guy told me that Kant is as hard to understand in German as he is in (translated) English!"

"Today, I realized that the comforting, unique scent of my mother in my childhood was actually the smell of the marijuana she smokes. FML"

"Writers, painters, warriors - each seeks immortality of a type.
Others are simply content to pass on their DNA"

"If I'm not my brain, then who am I? And if my brain is sensitive and neurotic, then how can I say that I as a person am not?"
(BBC Radio 4 - Thinking Allowed, Social Stigma and Negative Labels - Migraine)

RT @PimpCartman: Boobs are proof that men can focus on two things at once.

RT @TheFunnySexist: What do you call a man at an abortion clinic? Relieved

RT @TheFunnySexist: Men use love to get sex. Women use sex to get love. Me? I use coupons to get pizza.

Saw a lady in leggings and boots. But it was raining that day, so it was ok.

Seems quite weird to be wearing a tiara at a wedding if you're not the bride.

Friend's definition of "normal girl": "pleasant looking, subservient, no temper".
Me: "that's not normal"

Tinder guy: I'm so horny today, no fun
Friend: me too, and emo
Tinder guy: sounds like a bad combi
Friend: it is...
Tinder guy: so how?
Friend: so I shall... eat chocolate

"I totally forgot about that Japanese housemate that none of the guys thought was an issue..yeah, get a Japanese housemate if you get the chance. I had one who just wouldn't put on clothes even in winter!"

"i've found big boobs to be a good marker for sexual receptiveness as well"

"The beauty sector in Brazil doesn't stop growing. The Brazilian woman on average..uses 25% of her household income on spending related to beauty which I think is #1 in the world" - 27 Feb 2015, BBC Today: Friday's business with Simon Jack

Maybe many men don't do much childcare because they didn't want children in the first place but just made their women happy

Maybe Asian women look young not because they're Asian, but because they're so sun averse

"Men are lanjiao. Women are cb. True story."

"You can either tip toe around, spending half your words flogging yourself in a display of self loathing, or you can get into these arguments and get accused of 'male privilege'"

If "There are six million ways to be a feminist: choose one", can I be one who accepts patriarchy?

If singing Purple Light promotes rape culture, a Messiah singalong promotes Christianity

"You have no idea the kind of irrational shit I have to put up with in the states. I was trying to explain to some Gender studies Major, that when I criticize the idea of a one particular girl in class I am not criticizing the whole female sex. You guys should read the crap they are teaching here the Valerie solanas crap and SCUM manifesto."

Amused that the logic of demonising objectification also militates against casual sex.

Amused that in Belgium you can euthanise children at any age, but adult women can't opt to get circumcised.

"do you realise everytime there is an article featuring someone who achieved something... if it's a dude the wife/girlfriend will be next to him. if it's a girl, it's always solo, or perhaps with the father.
ie successful women dont need men. but successful men have a woman.
or am i too feminist-sensitive."

If gendered toys are such a bad thing, why is gendered clothing okay?

If labels in real life were exactly the same as their dictionary definitions (like with feminism, supposedly - i.e. that feminists are just for gender equality and similar arguments), the Liberal party in Australia would implode

If the argument from dictionary definition (see above) is true, Feminist "harassment" isn't (i.e. what feminists claim as "harassment" doesn't fit the dictionary definition and so can't be harassment).
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