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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Family’s boycott extends to everything

In memory of the Good Old Days when only Conservative Christians went around boycotting everything:

Family’s boycott extends to everything - LarkNews.com - A Good Source for Christian News

JOPLIN, Mo. – Three years ago, the Molina family sat at their kitchen table and decided to take a moral stand: They would no longer patronize any company which had connection to abortions, homosexual rights, pornography or any other objectionable cause.

This month, the Molinas’ decision finally reached its zenith, as their boycott now covers every product on the U.S. market.

“Our lives have narrowed down to a few choice pleasures,” says mother Carly, peeling homegrown carrots and trying to put a positive spin on their experience. The children play with splintery wooden toys hewn from a nearby tree by their father, Joe Molina. On the mantle are framed photos of former Christmases, when the children received plush Elmo toys, tricycles and other toddler fare. Those days are no more.

The Molinas used to live like other American families, enjoying television shows, taking yearly flying vacations and participating in local sports.

Now they cannot go to Disneyland or watch ABC News, because ABC supports domestic partnerships. They no longer eat at McDonald’s, Burger King or Taco Bell, because those companies have made contributions to candidates which support abortion. Carl’s Jr. is out of the question because of their racy television commercials. Even LegoLand is tainted: its corporate headquarters in Denmark supports liberal political causes.

They can’t drive vehicles made by Toyota, Ford, BMW or most other car companies because they allow health insurance designation of domestic partners. They can’t eat Frito-Lay products because the company’s health plan splits the cost of abortions with its employees. Even the cooperatives that grow and deliver fresh fruit and vegetables are dominated by unions, which the Molinas boycott because of their affiliation with liberal causes.

“The pantry and the entertainment closet started getting bare once we looked into these companies,” Joe says. They now drive a Kia, whose parent company earns a “clean” rating from the Molinas. The only commercially-grown food they can eat is potatoes, the only crop they know of with no ties to objectionable activity.

“We’re finding creative ways of cooking the spud,” says Joe one night, standing over a deep fryer. The electricity is supplied by a generator, because the Molinas are boycotting the local utility company for offering cable television which includes racy movie channels.

Little by little, family members have stopped visiting, and the Molinas have found their social life languishing. Nobody wants to eat homemade vegatable stew, even with the promise of homemade ice cream, says Joe.

He and Carly employ gallows humor, sometimes waking up in the morning and remarking, “So, what can’t we do today?” Long-distance vacations are gone, as airplane-maker Boeing supports domestic partnerships.

For entertainment they watch old Lassie movies on a VCR made by an obscure Korean company – the only electronics maker they could find that has no tie to immoral causes. When a reporter points out that Lassie is owned by Warner Studios, a supporter of dozens of liberal causes, Joe sighs, pulls the video from the machine and breaks it in two. The children run to their rooms and cry face-down on their Amish blankets.

“They’re used to it. They’ll get over it,” Joe says. •

On the upside, since all the homophiles are now boycotting Ikea, it means it'll be less crowded for all the rest of us.

Funny how no homophile (that I saw) said that Ikea operating in a country that criminalises gay sex is contrary to its diversity policy and demanded that Ikea withdraw from Singapore, and also fire all its employees who don't support gay marriage (since obviously that'd be contrary to its diversity policy too).
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