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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Something to do during Chinese New Year

Lee Amizadai - Timeline Photos:

"I heard a really awful story the other day. When CNY rolls around, some old folk who live alone in the Chai Chee estate get dressed in their finest, in anticipation of family visitations.... but nobody comes. I visualise old men and women sitting alone in their flats, alternating between hope and resignation, waiting for a knock on the door that never happens. And then as the sky dims, they change out of their CNY clothing and go to bed. The horrible thing is that it's a dark and depressing reality for some people in a time that should be everything but. So Wally and I are dropping by on Friday, 20 Feb to say hi to some of the people who have been identified as living alone and in need of some CNY cheer. Feel free to join us, and invite other people to come along (share this pic, or refer them to the event page below). I really need to get that picture out of my head and make a different reality. I may not be that auntie or uncle's family, but I can certainly act like they are my grandma or grandpa!

Chai Chee CNY Blessings"
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