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Wednesday, December 03, 2014

If it sounds too good to be true...

Friend's FB:

WTF story of the day:

Today I was scrolling through one of those groups where people were offering temp jobs on Facebook when I saw a job listing looking for "outgoing girls/who liked to socialize/females only". Thought it sounded like a nighlife/events/promoter job so I texted the lady at the number given to ask for more details. Turns out it was a job ad for a social escort(!!!)

So... anyway for some strange reason because I was bored/curious/too free, I decided to arrange an appointment to meet them. It was mentioned that two people - a guy and a lady would be meeting me, so I arrived at the place and waited, curious to see what kind of people would actually be running a social escort agency. Lady turned out to be one of those tiny blonde hair English speaking ah lian types who looked about 21. Came and left in 5 minutes so I barely spoke to her. Guy was my age (24), a uni grad and I found out (wish I didn't) that he was actually from ACJC previously. Quite a charming and eloquent chap. I asked him about his motivation for setting up an escort company (because that's such a mass comm student thing to do) and he went on about how he fell in love with an escort years back and wanted to "save girls" and "help them achieve something in life". Can't decide if he is a genius or a psychopath.

Anyway, I left the meeting strange enough, with a business idea to open my own escort agency. I mean, hello low capital and you get to take a cut from poor girls selling their bodies. Looking for business partners, holla if you're interested.

(Oh, they did offer me the escort job by the way. Apparently I'm worth 300 bucks an hour.) ‪#‎wtf‬ ‪#‎fml‬ ‪#‎bbq‬
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