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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The PAP IB is getting even more unruly

The FAP Cafe:

A: How the PAP rewarded themselves with 19-month bonuses in 2008 | The Real Singapore

The powerful do not need to be defended. Instead they need to be accountable for the power they were given by the people..... Strangely, there are many here who think otherwise....

B: You were the one who still refuses to retract your statement even though you admitted you got your facts wrong, right?

A: Retract what? I already said I was mistaken about the time etc..... At the end of the day, it's still harassment....

B: Retract or edit your post, or add an afternote, that the police didn't go down to Han's house at midnight, and that no intimidation took place.

C: Bonus? No such thing.

A: Whether or not there was intimidation, I wouldn't know because I wasn't at the interview. And unless you were there, you wouldn't know either.

B: Then on what basis are you making the allegation? In your post, you said there was intimidation, in case you forgotten.

Please don't think you can come here, anyhow shoot and then get away with it.

A: I said it was shameful..... to put a citizen through the experience..... I said it based on what I read, prima facie..... get away with what?

B: Your exact words,
"Han Hui Hui and company being hauled to the police station at midnight and all that jazz... This is really shameful. The police should spend more time catching real criminals instead of attempting to intimidate citizens who are merely attempting to assert their civil rights."

A: How would you like to attend a long interview at the police station for asserting your civil rights, B?

B: Firstly, it was not midnight. Secondly, no one was hauled even at 9.30pm. Han went to the station the next day, based on the time she chose.

C: Crime is crime. Civil rights? What about the children of special needs, their rights?

A: So much water under the bridge. That has already been clarified. I have already said that I was mistaken in those details. But the substance of the whole affair remains true in my judgment.... a citizen who has not committed a siezeable offence shouldn't have to go through all this....

C: Mental scare in the special needs children is a sizeable offence

A: C.... I do not wish to go over that again..... Visit the thread discussing this very issue if you wish.... I had already stated my view over there.

B: No, you have yet to clarify. You only admitted it was 11pm+, not midnight. But there were other facts you stated which were incorrect and not yet corrected.

A: Really? You know that for sure, C?

C: Try for yourself

B: Anyway, thank you for the exchange, Mr A. I can conclude you are not man enough to retract your statement made based on incorrect facts.

A: Go read the thread, C..... I don't wish to be drawn into all that again....

B..... this is absurd.... but do as you wish..... the powerful really need your support.

B: It's your credibility at stake, not mine.

A: It's all there in black and white....

Me: I note that virtually no comments in this thread are relevant to the originally posted link.

Because A has made a mistake once, he must forever be reminded about it and hounded about it in every unrelated thread, from today until the end of time (or until he leaves this group).

Woe, woe! Such Original Sin is unforgivable and uncleansable. Forever, A shall remain outcast, doomed to ring a bell and shout "Unclean! Unclean!" before posting.

His name shall be cursed forevermore. Infants shall learn to dread it. Grown men shall quake at the mere whisper of it. Women will faint and old men collapse in paroxystic spasms.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Hail, Hydra! Immortal Hydra! We shall never be destroyed! Cut off a limb, and two more shall take its place! We serve none but the Master—as the world shall soon serve us! Hail Hydra!

Using special needs children as a political pawn is pretty low, even for the PAP IB.

COMMENT: Various accounts of CPF protest ‘heckling’ tell a different story - Yahoo News Singapore

"So now that we know there is more than meets the eye to the heckling story, maybe we can start to look at things from a more rational point of view instead of spewing hate on two figures that are already vilified by Singaporeans for causing trouble.
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