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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Observations - 25th October 2014

"I don't get Asian guys obsession with "pure" and "innocent"...those girls are usually the most messed up's only good for women who are young, after arouned 25, forget it, chick is usually nuts or manipulative"

"Being an ugly girl is like being a guy. You have to work"

"There's more money in lying to women than in telling them the truth"

"women need assurance
just like cars need petrol
men need sex
just like cars need petrol"

Saying you should migrate if you don't like the system instead of trying to change it is like saying you should disown your parents if they don't like your boyfriend.

If you think CPF is good as people are too irresponsible to save for their old age/housing, why not go all the way and have a welfare state?

"After you've spent enough time exploring immigration policies in most first world nations, you'll quickly notice that Singapore is easily one of the easiest places in the world to work and obtain a PR or Citizenship."

"Organised religion lost me forever when I was 11 and the preacher at my primary school bible knowledge class told me that sci-fi like Babylon 5 were works of the devil."
"Science lost me forever when I was 13 and a scientist was rude to me"

Amused that people don't talk about Islam being pluralistic when it comes to stands they agree with (i.e. that interpretation they like could be wrong).

If you don’t like what your religion says, just reinterpret it.

A new low: got telemarketing call from BSS on behalf of UOB. Made by a machine. "If you're not interested, press 2".

Telemarketer for hospital payout plan refused to take no for an answer. I said unless he was offering a gold bar a day I'd heard it all. He thanked me for picking up the call.

Telemarketer gave me her name & number when I declined her offer. Tempted to write them on toilet walls with the words "Free Sex".

Spam email: "can i trust you.let me know".
Tempted to reply: "No. I'm a Nigerian 419 scammer"

BodyContours called me for the umpteenth. Told them I'm allergic to spas and the last time I broke out in hives for a whole week. Of course, they continued to call me.

Telemarketer: "I'll make this call short". Was tempted to hang up on her to make it even shorter.

Tempted to be a food blogger who only reviews bad food.

Your larder and fridge must be totally empty for you to go out and order Maggi Sup.

What do you do when someone you disapprove of promotes a cause you support?

The larger the group size, the higher the probability of eating mediocre food.

"Whenever you are feeling uncreative and/or lonely, just remember that 30 wedding shoots took place in NTUC fairprice outlets in 2013"

The number of vulgarities or incivilities in a piece of writing is a good proxy for how much sense it makes.

[On Koro] "During the span of last hundred years..all the published reports concern the ethnic Chinese"

It's not called a compromise if only one side is always compromising

A lot of talk about not judging people is just arguing for moral relativism. There are better and worse ways to judge.

Amused that the Telegraph has a Men section.

“Haha I boycott Starbucks. Because they support LGBT.”

If mental anguish suffices as a criterion for euthanasia that basically means it’s a free for all since, as with abortion, the anguish is internal and subjective

Most critiques of GDP are only about very short term GDP. Bad health, the environment, wasteful spending etc all depress it in the long run.

One of my fantasies is to go to Québec, be caught in a Juste pour Rire (Just for Laughs) gag and troll them back.

If "revert" didn't exist, we'd have to invent it.
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