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Friday, September 12, 2014

Everyone's A Little Bit Racist

"I was talking about racist comments with my therapist, who's an Indian by the way, and we had so much laughter over it. He told me that he believes everyone is racist, which i find appalling, and after his explanation, I can agree to his point. One being, as born and bred Singaporeans, we had kinda seen enough racist during the early days, when I was a kid in fact. However, once when we are able to overlook the race issue, and just accept ourselves as who we are, racist comments does not affect us at all. Instead, it provides a platform to laugh about oneself, and to share it with other races. Like my Indian therapist will tell me the racist comments about Indians, and he laughs about it, and I shared by version of Chinese racist jokes. The idea being, we are living in a multiracial country, and it is a fact. There's no need to pretend that at times we havn't no racist thoughts. To pretend that we are not racist is quite a joke. Everyone is racist in minor ways. The fact that I do not date my own race, as a chinese, I never had a chinese partner. That act itself made me a racist in his point of view. So in other words, racist comments will not hurt us, if we can learn to laugh about it, the absurdity of it, or the slight truth in it. It is about how the individual reacts and the interactions amongst human that make a racist comment vile or simply a laughable topic to share. Being a gay chinese woman, my favourite racist comment has always been 'the straightest part of a chinese person is only the hair'. Personally I think it is funny. It's the perception of it. For usually, one tells a racist joke in the idea of joke, but also the connotation to bring another race down. But it also help one to learn how to laugh at oneself, and put perspective on a lighter note. Instead of seeing it as a form of vile triggers. Ultimately, the simple fact that there are different races itself is a universal truth. And that despite of the fact that we pretend that we are not racist, or try had to be a non racist, we are born racist. But of course, it all boils down to individuals, who makes the how racist ideology malicious, or we just simply live with the fact and enjoy the ride. For we know, that if we don't give it the attention it wants, that vileness can't hurt nobody."

The Same: From my understanding, it is a natural thing for humans to distrust and show fear and aggression towards other humans whom we choose to believe, are different from ourselves. It could be a religion thing, a race thing, a sexuality thing, it could be of a nation thing. I am having problem understanding the issue of naming and categorizing types of people. Like Racist and Xenophobes.
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