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Thursday, July 03, 2014

What women say they want, what women think they want and what women really want: revealing clothing

Provocative Clothing: If a woman doesn't like being stared at when she wears revealing clothing, is it wrong to tell her she should wear less revealing clothes? - Quora

Top Answer:

"I'm kind of struggling with this one.

Why does a woman dress in revealing clothes?

I asked my daughters.

I have two daughters - one is 21 years old and comfortable with who she is. She is a buxom, very attractive young lady. (think young Marilyn Monroe but with red hair.[ Actually don't - that's my daughter you're thinking about! ] )

The other is 13 and just discovering who she is. She's a pretty willowy blond at that long legged "coltish" kind of stage. She's just discovering that boys might actually be quite interesting.

My eldest said she wears clothes that enhance her "assets" because, "it makes me feel good". I pushed her on that though, "it makes me feel confident" she said. Confident about what? "Oh I don't know, I look good, guys notice me."
So you wear low cut tops and stuff because it makes you feel good when guys notice you? "No...well yeah...but that's not all it's about." So what then? "It means that I know I'm looking good and that people -not just guys, will notice me, I'll get served before other people at the bar and.... well it's just one less thing to worry about." So looking "hot" means less to worry about? "Dad people are shallow, they value how others look more than I do, but I know I look good so I don't even need to think about it." Ok - so you like getting positive attention from guys and you don't get bitchy attention from girls when you dress like that? "Pretty much." So what about the guys you don't want attention from? "Hey - Daaad... come on, I can't control who looks at me, but it's not them I'm dressing up for." Well I think you look very pretty. "Perv - I'm your daughter!"

My youngest wears skinny tops and 2nd skin leggings. She's the prettiest little thing. (and has her dad wrapped around her finger.)

Hey bunny, you look good, what's going on? "Dad... remember it's Kate's sleepover, you said you'd drive me." Did I? OK go get dressed then. "Dad I am dressed."
What - I thought you were dressed up to go clubbing or something - could a skirt get any shorter? "Dad you know I'm too young to go clubbing - we're going to watch a DVD and make some popcorn and stuff."
Is Kate's big brother going to be there? And his friends? "Yeah but they'll just be going out or something."
Yeah well just make sure the "or something" isn't trying it on with his sisters friends. "Daaad - that's gross. Boys are just stupid." "Besides he's in 4th year and I'm only in 1st." OK well I've got some overalls you can borrow to make sure he doesn't think you're interesting or anything if you wan't. "Daaaaaad- just - no." So you're not interested, he's not interested but you're going over there in a skirt that ends just below your butt and you'll all probably call him "pervy" if you catch him sneaking a look at your legs? "Dad it's complicated -you don't understand."

Well do you know what fellow Quorans and OP - I don't fucking understand. But I'll tell you what. Looking is not sexual harassment.

Just keep your eyes off my daughters...."


"Lets say you're a billionaire driving around the town in your Rolls Royce and flaunting your Armani suit, Gucci Shoes, Rolex watch etc.. Well someone might find this show of affluence unnecessary. but quite possibly you are proud of what you've earned for yourself and feel good confident about showing off...

Now, how people react to you is their business until they cross the line... if someone stops by to check out your car and says "Amazing......" I guess this is completely fine."

"I'd like to quote an anecdote from my sister's orientation program as told by her when she was starting college.
The principal of the institution (i'm assuming she is;a little hazy on the details) performed a simple demonstration to answer this dilemma shrewdly and perhaps convincingly.
She did the following to explain why the college did not have a dress code.
Demo #1

She dropped something on stage and asked a girl from the joining batch to pick it up. The girl held the neckline of her shirt to prevent cleavage from showing and then bent down to pick it up.

Demo #2

She asked a senior to do the same. This time,the senior didn't give a hoot. She bent,revealing a little,picked it up and gave it back to the speaker.

After this,the principal (assuming she was) said the following words "If you wear,you shouldn't care and if you care,you shouldn't wear"
In conclusion,men are always going to stare. It's a woman's choice (and burden)

P.S:I know this is a rather unpopular opinion but it's also true."

"I'm pretty shocked at how many people think it's wrong to stare at a woman wearing revealing clothes. If try didn't want to be stared at then they shouldn't be wearing clothes that show off their breast and ass. If Brad Pitt walked around in his underwear and no shirt, can most women honestly say they wouldn't star or at least look at him often? Women do have the right to wear whatever they want but they shouldn't complain from the attention they get if they dress provocatively...

Stop always blaming men for everything and expect us to be saints when what your wearing shows more skin than it covers!"
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