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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Links - 24th June 2014

University graduates have more risque sex - but those without a degree have more sex overall - "22 per cent of people without a degree have had a threesome, compared to 19 per cent of graduates... The news comes just after it was revealed that high earners have much less sex than low earners. Another study by Lovehoney found that just four per cent of top earners have sex every day - a figure that tripples for low earners. The survey also revealed that a third of people who earn more than £50,000 a year only have sex once a week. In contrast, just 17 per cent of those who earn less than £15,000 have sex just once a week."

Woman tells court: My husband's 'mistress' set me up - "The alleged theft took place on Sept 2 last year when the two women met for the first time while visiting Mr Ong at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, where he was warded after an operation. Dim sum was spilled and the two women got into a scuffle. Madam Koh jabbed her finger at Lee, while Mr Ong threw his drip stand in the direction of his wife, apparently in a bid to separate them, the court heard."

Tyrant of the under 10s: Football coach fired after he tells boys they're not playing for fun - "When the village boys’ team appointed a new manager, they were not expecting a boss with the fervour of a Jose Mourinho or a Sir Alex Ferguson. So parents of the under-10s side were aghast when coach Justin Byrne outlined his win-at-all-costs philosophy. Mr Byrne insisted he was not there so the boys could have fun playing football – he was ‘only interested in winning’. He said parents who complained when their boy did not make the first team were ‘not doing their sons any favours’. Those who opposed him were ‘weak-minded’ and ‘think sport is about knitting’."

These photos of '80s Singapore will make your jaw drop - "In 1980, Parisian photographer Alain Soldeville visited Singapore and discovered a legion of androgynous beauties at Bugis Street, of whom he has amassed an amazing gallery of photos"

Minecraft’s terms and conditions to clarify meaning of “trolling” - "Mojang will change Minecraft’s terms and conditions to clarify the meaning of “trolling” after confusion about the term made one player think he had to remove his Minecraft videos from YouTube, Markus “Notch” Persson said on his website. Minecraft player ZexyZek has a YouTube channel with over 700,000 subscribers. He makes a series of videos called Minecraft Trolling, where he’ll join a server or invite players to his server and annoy them, scare them, destroy their creations, and basically raise hell in a variety of creative but not very mean ways. “Because we apparently have to have them, we have terms and conditions on how you can use Minecraft,” Notch said. “Someone at some point added the term “no trolling” to these terms. I assume this was done in good faith to prevent Minecraft being used to harass or bully people, but ‘trolling’ is a very problematic term.”"

Cheaters Have Higher Risk for STDs than People in 'Open' Relationships - "people in monogamous relationships who cheated on their partners were less likely to use condoms, and less likely to discuss their history of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) during their sexual digression compared with people in open relationships who had sex with someone other than their primary partner"

When Student-Adviser Tensions Erupt, the Results Can Be Fatal - New York Times - "Take the case of Theodore Streleski, a Stanford mathematician. In 1978 he bludgeoned his adviser, Karel deLeeuw, to death with a ball-peen hammer after being told that, after 19 years of graduate school, he wasn’t going to get his doctorate. Mr. Streleski received a sentence of seven years based on a defense of diminished capacity, according to newspaper accounts. He did not admit any remorse when he was freed, but said he didn’t have any plans to kill again... Frederick M. Davidson, an engineering student at San Diego State, began the defense of his master’s thesis by gunning down the three professors on his committee"

Dyke: BBC is 'hideously white' - "The BBC is 'hideously white' according to Greg Dyke, the corporation's director-general. Mr Dyke did not say the corporation was racist but acknowledged that, in common with the Metropolitan Police, it had a problem with race relations. He admitted the management structure at the BBC was more than 98 per cent white"
Good luck if you call an organisation "hideously (minority)"

Nagging could cost the lives of hundreds of men - "For most men a nagging wife can be little more than an irritation, but the arguments and worries that stem from a demanding partner may actually be a health hazard. New research has found that the burden of a demanding partner is linked to hundreds of extra deaths each year. Men who were subjected to 'nagging', constant demands and worries from their partners, were 2.5 as likely to die within ten years than those with less stressful relationships. The effect is so strong it could account for hundreds of deaths a year, the researchers suggested. However women may be more immune to nagging as there was little effect on their death rates, it was found."

Man shoots at 3 women who refuse sex with him and friends, police say

Is Malaysia an Islamic or secular state? - "by the characteristics that define a secular state then Malaysia by definition is not a secular state; it violates the principle attributes of a secular state on multiple fronts. Breaches to the tenants of a secular state are not the exception; it is almost the rule. In Malaysia, religion is not separated from the state but entrenched, empowered, enforced, expressed and elevated."

Drugs, prostitution and smuggling—Italy’s GDP is about to get much bigger - "The drug trade, prostitution and smuggling are to be added to Italy’s GDP calculations from Sep 2014, Italy’s institute of statistics, ISTAT, announced on May 22 (link in Italian). The change is meant to comply with an EU regulation from 2013 that requires all transactions, regardless of their legal status, to be accounted for. Italy is home to several huge organized-crime organizations, and according to a 2012 estimate by Italy’s central bank, the country’s criminal economy is worth about €170 billion ($230 billion), around 11% of 2012 GDP"

‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens | The Onion - America's Finest News Source - "residents of the only economically advanced nation in the world where roughly two mass shootings have occurred every month for the past five years were referring to themselves and their situation as “helpless.”"

Erotica Authors Lead Hotter Sex Lives Than Most Americans, Says Survey - "The 103 authors surveyed last month are overwhelmingly women, heterosexual, married and publish under a pen name. They’re no more likely to have had sex for the first time any earlier than the average American, and the survey found they’re 10% less likely to cheat on a spouse. But they do report a greater variety and incidence of intimate encounters. Chalk it up to professional development. Nearly half claim to have had sex as research for their work, and three out of four have based a fictional sex scene on an actual experience. According to the survey, erotic romance authors are more likely to have sex on a first date as well as to join a threesome. And among the heterosexual authors who dished on their sex lives, one in five has had sex with someone of the same gender. That range of sexual experience could have contributed to lowering their overall esteem for Fifty Shades of Grey. On average, the authors surveyed gave the novel only two out of five stars."

Registry hack enables continued updates for Windows XP - "A single registry setting makes Windows Update think your XP system is Windows XP POSReady, which will receive updates for another five years."

The brave new world of DIY faecal transplant - "You would have to be desperate to take a sample of your husband's excrement, liquidise it in a kitchen blender and then insert it into your body with an off-the-shelf enema kit... "I kept thinking, 'I'm giving my kid a bag of [faeces] for Christmas. It wasn't ideal, but he was just so sick and I knew if I waited until after the Christmas holidays he would be dead"...
"We had one woman who said: 'Can I use my dog's stool?'" says Brandt. "I'm sure that there are some people out there who are saying, 'Well, I have a horse. He's pretty healthy and he has an adequate supply of stool - I'll use his stool." But using animal stool is absolutely not recommended"

To help youths better appreciate Singapore, send them overseas: MP Ang Wei Neng - "To shape the values of Singaporean students, the Education Ministry could consider sending them on mandatory overseas community service trips to rural villages in neighbouring countries. Member of Parliament for Jurong GRC Mr Ang Wei Neng said in Parliament today (May 29) that such field trips will help youths here better appreciate Singapore's success, combat the sense of entitlement and inculcate the value of service to others."
Friend: "Err so only the young ones have a sense of entitlement and should be sent on hardship trips? Those whose oversights caused huge mistakes and won't apologise nor even pretend to offer to step down are ok? Who are the ones exhibiting a divine sense of entitlement? Why not lead them to Thailand or south korea or maybe the USA and see how politicians are scrutinised by society and how they react with basic dignity and humility.

X-Men: How Famke Janssen Kept Her Days of Future Past Cameo a Secret - ""I really think that it's so much harder for women to star and direct at the same time because we waste so much time in the makeup trailer. It's a sad reality,"; she said. "Whereas for men, they just show up and it's like, 'We love you just the way you are.' We have to go through a process of an hour and a half or however long it takes and then touch ups before and after lunch. It's too much time away from the camera.""

Coca-Cola Friendly Twist - YouTube

Cynicism linked to greater dementia risk - "Tindle was the lead author on a study that examined the health outcomes of over 97,000 women and found that cynical women had a higher hazard of cancer-related mortality... Research shows cynical people also tend to smoke more, exercise less and weigh more. They also have a harder time following even the best medical advice, because their cynical natures won't let them believe what people tell them, Tindle said. Past studies have also found that people who are cynical have a higher rate of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular problems and cancer-related deaths. Cardiovascular disease can contribute to dementia because it essentially damages small blood vessels everywhere in your body, including in your brain. Cynical people also tend to have greater stress responses"

Tabby named Puddy Cat and owner defrauded of $450K, prosecutors say - "A 7-year-old tabby called Puddy Cat is at the center of an extensive embezzlement case out of Suffolk County, Massachusetts. Puddy Cat once stood to inherit part of a trust fund worth at least $450,000, until its owner fell victim to a couple of swindling neighbors, prosecutors said. Puddy Cat belongs to a 74-year-old Brighton woman who is suffering from progressive dementia and living in a nursing home. The woman created the "Puddy Cat Trust" in her will and specified that upon her death, the tabby was to be cared for through the trust and that all remaining assets would benefit animal welfare groups."
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