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Monday, May 19, 2014

Hong Kong Girls vs China Girls vs ABC Girls

Addendum: The subtitles don't show up on mobile, but on a proper computer it's hunky dory.

Translation from Reddit posted on video page:

-- Dining: Hong Kong Girl --

HKGirl: What should we eat later?
Guy : How about Korean BBQ? Korean BBQ is pretty good.
HKGirl: I'd get pimples.
Guy : How about Sushi then?
HKGirl: I don't even eat fish, shouldn't you know that already?
Guy : How about that restaurant with very delicious food?
HKGirl: But we have to wait ...
Guy : Okay, well, what do you want to eat?
HKGirl: Why can't you be more decisive? Are you a real man?

// HKGirl turns around and leaves.

-- Dining: Mainland Girl --

MLG: Where should we go for dinner?
Guy: Korean BBQ, Korean BBQ is pretty good. (with very lousy Mandarin)
MLG: How about we go to Peninsula for buffet? It's excellent there.
Guy: ... now?
MLG: Yeah! C'mon, let's go.

//MLG dragged the guy away

-- Dining: ABC Girl --

ABC: So where should we go for dinner tonight?
Guy: Well, how about we just find a restaurant nearby?
ABC: How about McDonald's?
Guy: MacDonald?!
ABC: C'mon ...
ABC: We can even pay for our own!
Guy: We pay for our own?!
ABC: Yeah!
ABC: Let's go! Let's go!

//ABC drags the guy away.

-- Meeting Friends: Hong Kong Girl --

Friend: Hey! Ain't you Ng! Long time no see!
Guy : Ain't you Look Chard? (Look Chard sounds like 6 7 which means stupid, dumb, dork in Cantonese)
Friend: Yeah! I'm Look Chard.
Guy : Yeah! Long time no see!
Friend: How have you been?
Guy : Oh, like usual, just walking around with my girlfriend.
Friend: You're so lucky having a girlfriend.
Guy : Oh, it's nothing. Let me introduce her to you.
Guy : WTF! Where did she go?
Guy : Hey! Come back!

// Guy runs away after his girlfriend.

-- Meeting Friends: Mainland Girl --

Friend: Ng! Long time no see!
Guy : Look Chard! Long time no see!
Friend: So how are you?
Guy : Oh, like usual, just walking around with my girlfriend.
Friend: You're so lucky having a girlfriend.
Guy : Oh, it's nothing. Let me introduce her to you.
Guy : WTF! Where did she go again?
Friend: Where?
MLG : You guys don't need to pay me any attention. I'll just do my makeup for a bit. You guys keep talking.

-- Meeting Friends: ABC Girl --

Friend: You're Ng! Long time no see!
ABC : Nice to meet you!
Friend: Nice to meet you!
ABC : Have you two known each other for a long time?
Friend: Yeah! We go way back. And you?
ABC : We only met since last week. Didn't he tell you?
Friend: Oh I didn't know.
ABC : How about we text (each other)? Give me your phone number?
Friend: Of course, no problem.

// Guy totally ignored.

-- After Dinner: Hong Kong Girl --

Guy: So we have finished dinner. So like you wanna — (cut off by HKG)
HKG: I need to go home. My parents said I have to be home before dusk.
Guy: Okay, I will take the bus with you.
HKG: You meant taxi.
Guy: Taxi?

// Guy follows HKG.

-- After Dinner: Mainland Girl --

Guy: Dinner is done. (with very lousy Mandarin)
Guy: You wanna ... ? You wanna come to my home for a cup of coffee?
MLG: Sure! I really want coffee.
Guy: Really? Let's take a taxi!

// Guy drags MLG away.

-- After Dinner: ABC --

Guy: So dinner is done.
Guy: Actually, do you wanna — (cut off by ABC)
ABC: How about let's go to your home? Coffee?
Guy: Good Idea!
Guy: But my dad and my mom are home.
ABC: Then, let's go to mine?
Guy: For real?
ABC: Yeah, there is no one. I live alone.
Guy: Really?
ABC: Hurry up!
Guy: Reallllly?

// ABC drags guy away.

(Ending Text: If you were him, which one would you choose?)
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