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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Conversations - 7th May 2014

Someone: one of my exes took 40-45min showers
it was one of the things that pissed me off the most

Me: is that why you turned lesbian?

Someone: no.
thats why i dumped him though.

Someone else: If you tell a black woman to marry or date out,
usually they get offended and they say one of two things 1) Other men
are too weak or 2) other men don't find them attractive.

Me: What I told a lothario friend: "women are like money. You think more will make you happy but not really Past a certain amount"

Someone: absolutely
where really does limitless satisfaction lie
ertainly not in orgasm

Me: Well until you recover

Someone: that's the thing
need to recover
I can milk more satisfaction out of quora than out of my cock

Someone else: I've asked other Asians this, but never a Singaporean man, when you were young did you your father, cousins, older brother, uncles ever talk to you about how to "talk to women" America, this is pretty normal...I learned most things from my uncle and older cousins...

Me: wow no wonder americans are so good

Someone on the licensing framework: apparently both of us couldn't really be bothered to slam the MDA
are we showing our age?

Me: haha
I've been blogging since 2001
the more things change...

Me: do you remember... there was this song we sang in choir
an opera chorus which got translated into mandarin
not Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves

Philip Yeo's Best Friend: Lol they are many
Might you be thinking of Cavalliera Rusticana
he villagers move about the square, singing of the beautiful spring day (Gli aranci olezzano sui verdi margini – "The air is sweet with orange blossoms")

Me: the description sounds familiar
there was something about people going about doing things

Philip Yeo's Best Friend: Umm yes

Me: I see you were traumatised too

Philip Yeo's Best Friend: Yes
Many brain cells were wastedon this

Me: unlike me you didnt just memorise the pronunciation
the orchestral version sounds v diff from the piano reduction
aha yes I think this is

Philip Yeo's Best Friend: R u feeling nostalgic
Are you planning an alumni concert
SONGS the Way They Were Intended

Yes lol I did it recently with mit chorus
as the MIT chorus director put it its very popular cause it's hard to fuck up

Me: it's remarkable how you guys remember it after 16-7 years

Someone on the above (before I showed him the lyrics): 果園裡金色的蜜橘散發芳香

Someone else: Mainland women, 90% will only marry someone with a house and a car
and Mainlanders mean "own" as in no mortgage

that is why there is so much pressure on men here
and tehy work like dogs, have little fun in life
they spend all their youth working their ass off just to get some
greedy bitch so they can have bad sex
and make one kid in some overpriced ugly apartment bloc
Chinese Dream is a fucking nightmare
fuck that

If I was a Chinese guy and I lived in Shanghai, i would simply save money to buy a wife from Vietnam (cheaper) and never buy a house in this bubble, because it is stupid to do so actually, buy a car, and just work and have as much fun as possible

Someone: who is this clown ***?

Me: You whack lor

Someone: have to ask you first mah
sekali you're trying to bang her
or are banging her
then I whack how?

Me: hahahahahaha
then I'llwhack you back lor

Someone: walao you don't respect the bro code

Me: gays are exempted ;)

Someone: the hell, gays not bros meh
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