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Friday, April 18, 2014

u r wt u wr - 18th April 2014

u r wt u wr:
- 'Give a comment' (I told her I liked her shirt. She looked confused for a while then looked down)
- 'I'm sooo not in the mood *carebear with rain cloud*'
- 'You have to visit my blog right now' (She was 8 or so)
- 'I - heart- boys in uniform' (School uniform?)
- 'yummy' (they did look quite yummy)
- 'Kiss *lipstick mark * me I'm Irish' (She looked Filipino)
- 'lasso me' (She's trap and release)
- 'Don't call me cute girl'
- 'Parental advisory. Explicit content. Edited version also available'
- 'young, wild & free'
- 'Play game with me' (She was about 8)
- 'Let me'
- 'Come and get it'
- 'run to me'
- 'make me ♥ happy'
- 'make me feel better don't tell me I am not 'perfect''
- 'Life's too short to wait *park bench*' (Waiting for Godot reference?)
- 'très jolie' (She was wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap but did not look promising)
- 'honey do you want me' (She was pregnant. He had a hand over her)
- (Bag) 'f*** me I'm famous'
- 'first base rookie'
- 'my boyfriend is short of cash'
- 'make me go wild'
- 'pervert'
- 'hipster' (a hipster wouldn't wear this, but a hipster would appreciate the irony)
- 'Pretty young things' (At first I thought it was 'thing' and didn't think she'd qualify. Then I saw the S. I thought it referred to something hidden. But no matter how hard I looked, even when she made a sudden movement I couldn't see her earrings)
- 'no way too big'
- 'I only date super heroes' (the guy beside her looked normal)
- 'sexy'
- 'a beauty for your eyes' (repeated many times)
- 'all y♥u need is me'
- 'Barbie
- 'should we stay strangers?' (I'd say a resounding yes)
- 'I -mustache- you' (So she emasculates men?)
- 'Raver'

- '摄狼' (this is a pun on 'pervert')
- 'Coeur à louer' ('Heart for rent')
- "Just saw a couple wearing somewhat "matching" white T-shirts. A guy's one said "Sweat blood tears" and the girl's one said "Work less"" (contributed)
- 'don't Bro me if you don't know me'
- 'Yes I wore this yesterday' ("Yes" was inside a recycling sign)
- 'drop pants not bombs' (the "O" in "not" was a "no" sign with a bomb inside)
- 'lace my sneakers'
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