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Friday, January 03, 2014

The Origin of "Tarma"

A: tarma

B: that means it's her and her mother

C: Tarma is Cantonese. It comes from the phrase "tar ma shiong", which means add one more on top.
it's what I was told by a friend so if I'm mistaken I'd be glad to know the real meaning/origin.

D: Idk, in cantonese "add" is "kah/kar". "Ma" is "double". So it should be "kah/kar ma shiong/seong".

Unless of course it's actually supposed to be "tar mah jeong", 打麻将, lol

C: I think it is 打 and the last word is 上, but not sure of the middle. It's like 'hit me with one more on top' or something.
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