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Friday, October 04, 2013

On sensitivity to criticism

Bala Senthil Kumar's answer to Indians On Quora: Has India bashing become a fashion on Quora? - Quora

"You should see the bashing the USA gets.

But it is India and Indians that are sensitive about all the wrong things.

India deserves the bashing it gets no less than any other subject, but it also gets a ridiculous number of kudos for things that are not accomplishments of any kind.

If a culture gets bashed, it is also the reason why it needs to be examined and corrected, not unduly protected. If people have confidence in their culture and way of life why would they be sensitive to criticism?

India lacks confidence because its hypocrisy is easily exposed, and the bottom line - rank 119 on the Human Development Index cannot be missed.

Proud of "thousands of years of civilization", but not ready to accept a royal screw up in merely sixty odd years of being a nation?

No, it doesn't mean we only bash - Bala Senthil Kumar's answer to India: What makes Indian people so awesome?

But the difference is that i wouldn't have to post it here to assuage anybody's feelings if the subject weren't "India"."
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