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Saturday, October 12, 2013

It makes a better story

(Charles, a white man, has been charged with raping a black woman)

HENRY. Sit down.

(CHARLES sits.)

You want to tell me about Black folks? I’ll help you: O.J. Was guilty. Rodney King was in the wrong place, but the police have the right to use force. Malcolm X. was noble when he renounced violence. Prior to that he was misguided. Dr. King was, of course, a saint. He was killed by a jealous husband, and you had a maid when you were young who was better to you than your mother. She raised you. You’ve never fucked a black girl, but one sat near you in science class, and she was actually rather shy.


CHARLES. …I would never say any of…

HENRY. You’re fucking A right you wouldn’t. Which is the purpose of the lesson. Do you know what you can say? To a black man. On the subject of race?

CHARLES. “Nothing.”

HENRY. That is correct.


CHARLES. Black people can talk about Race.

HENRY. How about that.

CHARLES. (pause) I will do anything I can. To wipe the slate clean.

JACK. You cannot wipe the slate clean...

JACK. I would assume that you are guilty.


JACK. Because it makes a better story.

HENRY. World goes to sleep at night, Mr. Srickland. Wakes up and it needs two things. A cup of coffee and some vicious gossip.

CHARLES. And you can change the world.

HENRY. No one can change the world.

--- Race / David Mamet
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