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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On Linguistic Borrowing

"Our Language is in some places sterile and barren, by reason of this depopulation, as I may call it; and therefore such places should be new cultivated, and enrich’d either wth the former (if significant) or some other: For example, we have hardly any words that do so fully expresse the French clinquant, naïveté, ennuy, bizarre, concert, façoniere, chicaneries, consummé, emotion, defer, effort, chocq, entours, débouche; or the Italian vaghzezze, garbato, svelto, &c. Let us therefore (as ye Romans did the Greeke) make as many of these do homage as are like to prove good citizens"

--- Letter to Sir Peter Wyche / John Evelyn (20 June 1665)
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