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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Observations - 7th August 2013

Wondering how many of those who mocked Donald Trump for being upset over Obama's 2012 victory would have condemned democracy if Romney won.

Wondering how many people support abortion rights yet are against pregnant women smoking.

If you can't beat them, hate them.

Amused half of Americans supposedly suffer from a mental disorder in their lives. If everyone's abnormal, no one's normal,

Since women don't have prostates do they not get pleasure from a good dump?

"Robin Hood is the culmination of a long line of English folk heroes - like Jack the Giant Killer or Jack of the Beanstalk - who defeat their enemies through wit and audacity. They like nothing more than to tweak the noses of their "betters", setting the low up high and bringing the high down low, by being smarter and less predictable. Sure, you can have Robin Hood a dour revolutionary who rides into battle to smash his enemies with armor and helm. You could also have James Bond a pudgy little guy who's uncomfortable around women. Either way, you'd be missing the point."

"The biggest impediment to understanding the past is that we know their future"

"We're playing ladies and gentlemen"
"is that a euphemism for a swingers party you're going to? If so you can count me out"

"Thais are horniest, Japanese are craziest, Koreans are kinkiest"

RT @dk Which joker go put a ZIP file inside a ZIP file? You think what? Inception ah?

"The academic version of Rule if it exists, there is a thesis on it"

RT @avalon: Standard response by boys about other boys who have opinions: Aiya he haven't go army yet

"with Russians, I've had to explain that something is a joke. With Germans, not only do I have to do that, but I also have to explain why it is a joke"

RT: @_ochre: who is this PR idiot who decided that it was whimsical to pour in glitter into their envelopes because guess who is covered in glitter now

RT @TooMessedUp: I just opened my closet to find my daughter dead...
Looks like some people just can't handle Narnia...

RT @CauseWereGuys: Don't ever throw away a half-drunken beer. There's sober kids in Africa.

RT: @danguterman: Couple upstairs fucking each other's brains out again. Really need to move out of my parent's basement.

"Being an ugly girl is like being a man… You’re going to have to work"

"Most women don't know what they like until they've tried it. And sadly, so many of us get to try so little before we're old and grey"

Friend: "As I approach 31 this year, I'm proud to share that I've had a grand total of four (4) people offer their seats to me on public transportation on the mistaken assumption that I'm with child. Singha has quit. As a replacement/ successor that's more in keeping with the times, we should having a national mascot that advocates consideration towards those of us who apparently have really, really stubborn belly fat issues. Please do NOT give up your seat to us until specifically asked, or there are VERY explicit and telling signs we're preggers eg hand constantly on tummy (universal code?) If u're preggers, please do the rest of us a favour and just CLAIM it. Big fat thank you in advance... *pregnant pauses for effect*"

RT @ImLeslieChow: "Bros before hoes" is something a bro without a hoe would say

"As an [imperial] agent [in SWTOR] I am surrounded by strong (albeit mostly psychotic) women"

Q: What do you call a guy who says 'don't worry, baby, I'll pull out
A: A father

RT @infinitus_ "Having daughters is better than having sons. All your money given to your son will be given to your son's girlfriend"

RT @GrowlyBear: In Victoria Secrets wearing only bra n panty is office attire. So what is casual Friday like? xD
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