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Monday, May 06, 2013

Entertainment for the exams

Looks like someone just finished exams over at NUS Confessions:

"I'm a girl from SOC who just finished her last final exams in NUS. Looks and figure wise, I consider myself slightly above average only but not so much that I attract too much attention generally except in SOC. I would probably be nothing if I'm in FASS. Even so, let me recall dating record, 7 propositions from guys in SOC throughout my 4 years, one from FASS and one from Business. I dated 2 guys from SOC for just 6 months in total, FASS guy for 6 months and the Business guy for my final year. We are still together.

Now, this is generalisation, but I feel being in a male-dominated faculty like SOC or Engin really makes me feel like a piece of meat being mentally undressed wherever I go for classes. I seemed to get most of the attention and hence switch off from SOC guys totally. All the SOC guys who propositioned me are either ugly immature nerds or are just plain jocks who chose SOC only because it was the only course they could get with their results. There seems to be a variance between the the number of eye-candies in Business/FASS vs Computing/Engin.

I dated the 2 guys in the hope that their hearts are better than their outside appearances. Sadly, it was not the case. They are more willing to spend time understanding their video games and computers more than they spent understanding me or women in general. Come on, even though unlike most girls, I know programming and algorithms, must you discuss those topics again outside class? Women are not like logical machines, we need the emotional connection.

Dress sense in SOC is clearly no where near the league as in Business for example. Even on important presentations, most of you dress worse than a Business student in his slackest days. In fact, I got weird comments for overdressing when my group of guys chose to present in their shorts and slippers.

I find Business and FASS guys way more articulate and mature. Their command of English seems light years ahead compared to the stuttering nerds. Business guys especially, seem to have the aura of ambition that SOC students seem to lack. They can voice out their inner thoughts and emotions much better, know how to cheer me up when I'm down etc. It seems all the SOC guys are horny copies of each other whereas the non-Science guys have a more unique flavour to them. About the FASS guy, it was only because his parents didn't approve of us because of differing religions.

Fitness wise, I seem to feel that Computing guys are not as physically fit in general. I know they are exceptions so don't flame me, its just that the majority are short, skinny, nerdy dudes who seriously need more time out in the sun and on the track than behind the screen. Business guys seem to be taller, more buff and give me the feeling of protection.

Oh and finally the fun part, the sex bit. I admit my sample size is small, but from the 4 guys I had, the FASS guy was the most creative (sorry my bf, but thats true) followed by my current bf with the 2 SOC guys far behind. I chalk it up to them being inexperienced virgins and if they have, its probably from porn. I know the argument, you can't get better without more experience but seriously as a girl with modern sexual needs, I don't care about your excuse of me being your first gf. It just proves how much of a loser you are for being a virgin or having your first relationship only in Uni. Either you give me a good time or I show you the door, the fairer sex is the one that decides when to spread our legs for you so we make the rules. My rule is that you don't waste my time learning on the job, you better know how to do yours before you start. Your learning should have started on innocent girls from your JC or poly. Imagine applying for a a fresh grad job when you are in your 40s. Uni girls like me have higher expectations of sex as we climb the academic ladder and gain more sexual experience.

So as a piece of advice to girls in NUS, date FASS and business guys. They are more mature, posses greater awareness of the real world outside the land of the Matrix and communicate better with you. Poor communication in a relationship is as good as bad or no communication. Sex with SOC guys, totally cmi, feel more like an emotionless porn actress after the act.

For my final advice to my male SOC mates before I leave, watch less porn and jerk off less, it is not only bad for you, its totally inaccurate. Dress better, go to the gym more often, take up those CELC speaking and writing classes then maybe you stand a better chance with women in the dating game. Remember, computers don't propagate your genes, women do.

#from a girl who actually feels disadvantaged in the dating game in the land of nerdy guys with so few eye-candies."
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