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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trolling Militant Atheists can be as fun as trolling Religious Fundamentalists

"[Obama's Nobel peace prize] would be like giving someone an Oscar in the hope that it would encourage them to make a decent motion picture." - Christopher Hitchens


A: Religion poisons everything.

Miscarrying mother dies after Irish doctors refuse abortion, saying: 'This is a Catholic country'

Me: Does it poison charity too?

A: two words for you; Mother Teresa.

So tell me, do you think religion poisons charity too?

Me: "All X are Y" is a very strong claim

A: Way to try and create a diversion.

B: *grabs popcorn*

Me: Not sure how pointing out that you are making a very strong claim is a diversion when it comes to discussing said claim

Just because Mother Theresa was both religious and problematic with her charity does not mean all religious charity is automatically suspect

There is some evidence that the religious give more money and time to charity - even to secular ones

Religious Faith and Charitable Giving | Hoover Institution

This is a very peculiar kind of poison

A: A woman fucking died of blood poisoning because the ball-less doctors are too chickenshit to go against the RCC's proscription on abortion, and the first thing that comes to your mind is to argue semantics with me on a completely unrelated topic.

Tell me, what does that say about you, Gabriel?


Islam poisons everything
All Palestinians are evil
The whole world is trying to exterminate Israel

Two Israelis, including a civilian, were fraking killed by terrorist attacks because wimpy Netanyahu is too craven to invade the Gaza Strip and root out all the terrorists


This could all have been prevented if border security had been more trigger-happy, shooting any suspicious characters

If you disagree with my sweeping generalisations, my proposed modification of the rules of engagement or weightings of the relative importance of protecting innocents and killing people by mistake, you are arguing semantics on unrelated topics!


Family's fury after healthy woman, 24, dies on operating table after having an abortion

From this one anecdote, I conclude that abortion laws should be tightened so fewer women will die from abortions

A: And of course, the very next thing you do is to force the spotlight on your attempted diversion further, in order to try and score a point against me for some reason.

Please leave your family contacts here, dipshit. I'm sure your mother would be glad to learn she has raised a son who fails to see past his own male privilege.


C: B, pass the popcorn please? I love debating abortion, but this thread is getting real messy.

B: I think Gabriel is simply trolling you. Please don't bring his mother in.

Me: It's alright, I don't think she even knows what "male privilege" is

Abortion and the Gender Gap: the Numbers - Ramesh Ponnuru - National Review Online

In the US in 2011, 46% of men suffered from Male Privilege, and 44% of women had internalised the Dominant Paradigm

I think the Patriarchy has failed. I shall be more diligent in my use of my Male Gaze.


Someone: Why did you attempt to use reason to argue against an emotional person

Me: heh
my rules of engagement:
I give people the benefit of the doubt at the start
if they start insulting me, I troll them :D

Someone: Is A a woman?

Me: nope
a sociology grad

Someone: No wonder he is very lacking in the intellectual department
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