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Monday, October 15, 2012

Conversations - 15th October 2012

"Here's the thing about inauthentic people: inauthentic people are obsessed with authenticity." - Jonathan Franzen


MFTTW: koreans in general are all cock
i conclude that their life is really played out exactly like it is in
korean drama shows

the point is if you're korean your life is filled with unnecessary and
stupid self-manufactured drama

normal girls would understand if a guy is buying them dinner that
maybe they are interested in them
and normal girls would also understand that if they go on holiday with
a single guy and they are single then the guy might construe it as her
having romantic interest in him and she might be propositioned
and not like
pls lor
you can't have grown up in a modern society and be that guileless

Someone: should have learned from the example of LKY - being a
lawyer doesn't make you a better person or even a smarter person

MFTTW: what's hysteria

ha I thought it must be a film about women
and sure enough

Someone: [he] also told me his sis is much prettier than me
no woinder we broke up

Me: -_-
cannot make such comments meh

Someone: he said no one is more beautiful than my sister to me
ya good for you

Me: yeah. moral of the story: you need to lie to women

Someone: hurhurhur

nothing wrong with putting ur sis first
just that i want someone who puts me first

Me: -_-
I thought family was the most impt

Me: "The female commuter felt someone fondling the area around her back."
sexy back

MFTTW: cock lah

Me: poor guy

MFTTW: haha why you victim blaming

Me: hello
who gropes the back
it's a he said she said
and the guy gets screwed

MFTTW: that one i think cannot prove lah
who gropes your back

Me: cannot prove = man is dead
come on men get charged for showing their middle fingers to women

MFTTW: can hire a good lawyer
haha sg sucks

Me: good lawyer cant save you

MFTTW: now i know how to exact vendetta against guys who annoy me
accuse them of molest
or sexual harassment

Temptation Chris: do most ppl plan their life by vacation?
cause my friend asks me things like
so whens ur next vacation

Me: I suspect it's one of the defining milestones of a yuppie's life
also food and travel are easy conversation topics
when people do not want to discuss the misery of the human condition
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