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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Links - 5th August 2012

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint." - Mark Twain


Free Shipping - Spyfinder - Hidden Camera Locator - SpyFinder ® Personal - Video Camera Surveillance Detection - "Millions of miniature video cameras are sold each year and many are being used by spies and voyeurs to catch unsuspecting victims during their most private moments... Its function is based on the principle of optical augmentation. This technical jargon refers to the phenomenon where light reflected from a focused optical system, such as a video camera, is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This means that if a hidden camera is illuminated and viewed with the SpyFinder technology, then a strong reflection from the target camera will reveal its position to the user.
The SpyFinder exploits this phenomenon by using a ring of ultra-bright LEDs arranged around a viewing port. When a user scans a room looking through the viewing port, a hidden camera appearing in the field of view will brightly reflect the light from the LEDs."

Read Christopher Nolan’s farewell to Batman here - "People ask if we’d always planned a trilogy. This is like being asked whether you had planned on growing up, getting married, having kids"

The Burger Lab: The Ins-n-Outs of an In-N-Out Double-Double, Animal-Style - "Sure, the fresh-never-frozen patties are tasty enough, but the sandwich is more than that. It's the interplay between the ooey-gooey American cheese, the sweet, darkly-toasted bun, the juicier-than-average tomatoes, the crisp iceberg, the full, un-separated-into-rings slice of onion, and the all-important sweet, tangy, pickle-laden Spread. It's a bomb that's rigged to hit every pleasure center on my brain's taste analyzation terminal (by which I mean my tongue). Salty, sweet, savory, soft, crisp, and fresh. "Overrated", people say? I think not. Let me quote the much more eloquent Nick Solares in saying "In-N-Out at the very least represents the platonic ideal of what a fast food hamburger should be.""

The Grand Moofti Speaks: Is Singapore’s Administration of Muslim Law Act immune from debate? - "Since my return to Singapore in 2009, the Straits Times has published many of my letters. Subjects have included Temasek Holding, Singapore Post, the Singapore Law Society and SMRT amongst others. However, try as hard as I might, the Straits Times refuses to publish any of my opinions on Singapore's Administration of Muslim Law Act... It's fine to speak about common space and freedom of action –unless one is a Singaporean Muslim. In which case, she is denied many rights which are freely available to non-Muslim Singaporeans"

samberrilicious: When the media says James... | Reverse Racism - "When the media says James Holmes is not a terrorist what they really mean is he doesn’t fit the racist stereotype of the only terrorist our country will acknowledge... Terrorists are people who terrorize people. When a white male opens fire in a theater that can hold up to 300 people, injuring people as young as three months old and murdering a dozen people in cold blood - they are a fucking terrorist. Fuck you media for going out of your way to remind us the only terrorist you acknowledge are not white people."
Terrorism: "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons"; Thanks for twisting words to fit your Liberal agenda

Colorado Massacre Killer James Holmes Made Racial Remarks About Rap, Lil Wayne - "A couple of months ago she ran into him at the Zephyr, where she had put a Lil Wayne rap song on the jukebox. Holmes disapproved, she said, preferring rock 'n' roll music. He came over and "made some racially charged comments about rap," she said" James Holmes is a FAIL racist. All the people he killed were white.

$68 for Korean Perm / Japanese Rebonding + Colouring/ Highlighting + Treatment + Wash & Blow | Plus! BigDeal Singapore Daily Deal - "Hair is a woman's biggest asset. Swing those luscious locks or silky straight hair and boost your assets!"
Naturally, this is an Asian ad

Corporation That Paid Nothing In Taxes For Four Years Tells Congress It Pays Too Much In Taxes

Lawyer M Ravi in bizarre tirade at Speaker’s Corner - "Heavily made-up, barefoot and wearing jeans with a black t-shirt as well as an ornate gold belt, scarves, and flower garlands, Mr Ravi danced three Indian traditional dances that involved him kneeling on the ground, lying prostrate on a small stage, and embracing a nearby tree. At one point, the 43-year-old flung an orange flower garland into the air and attempted to slice it with a fake silver sword... Ravi said that he would be suing Wong and the Society on Monday for an apology and for damages against his reputation that will “exceed hundreds thousands of dollars, or millions” because he had a “huge reputation internationally”. Calling Wong a “cow dung lawyer from Law Society” who had “sh*t in his pants”, he said that he would “forgive but will never forget”... Ravi also launched into several other bizarre rants, reserving choice words for several prominent politicians and the Law Society. “I come from a generation of samurais, 369”... Most of his time was spent talking about his history and childhood. Claiming to be from a secret society called “Jalan Kayu 369”, Ravi told the audience he had a Taiwanese father who looked like notorious Hong Kong pop star Edison Chen before ranting about abusive Indian fathers and the suffering of his late mother, whom he credits as his inspiration. He also peppered his speeches with strange statements, announcing at one point that “Hot is cold, cold is hot, Yin is Yang, and I look young – that is why Hallelujah and Praise the Lord”, eliciting strange looks from curious passers-by. Ravi also spoke of his intention to “return to New York” where there are “vampires in the Empire State Building”. When reporters asked about his mental condition at the end of his talk, Ravi asserted that he was “fine”, calling the media “stupid” for raising the issue and refused to take any more questions. It is not the first time the prominent lawyer has lashed out at the media. In 2010, Ravi called a press conference to defend his comments over a criminal case, but ended up smashing a glass, spewing vulgarities and yelling at journalists to leave his office"
Comment: "This is another cowardly, below the belt attempt to discredit an opposition figure". If he were an establishment figure and Yahoo News had not reported this, this person would probably be accusing them of a cover-up
M Ravi's Dance Item #1 on Merdaka Day 2012 - YouTube; M Ravi's Dance Item #2, Merdaka Day 2012 - YouTube

Still in love with expats - "Hong Kong men and women are still on the lookout for Western lovers and spouses, even 15 years after the handover... Of the 240 single Hongkongers interviewed - 115 men and 125 women - 57 percent said they would choose expatriates as lifelong partners. Only 45 percent said they would accept mainland Chinese. Among the males, 68 (59 percent) said they would prefer an expatriate woman as a girlfriend or spouse. The figure for female respondents was 70 (56 percent)... The survey ranked dignity, financial capability, personality, understanding and property as the five most important characteristics that Hong Kong women seek in a spouse. Chinese women marrying foreign men has become a fashionable trend in Shanghai. Over the past seven years at least 2,000 pairings have been made, with women 10 times more likely than men to marry expatriates"
HK men are surprisingly open-minded

The Depressed Lawyer - "lawyers lead the nation with the highest incidence of depression
An ABA Young Lawyers Division survey indicated that 41 percent of female attorneys were unhappy with their jobs.
In 1996, lawyers overtook dentists as the profession with the highest rate of suicide.
The ABA estimates that 15-20 percent of all U.S. lawyers suffer from alcoholism or substance abuse.
Seven in ten lawyers responding to a California Lawyers magazine poll said they would change careers if the opportunity arose."

Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders - "women systematically underestimate their own abilities. If you test men and women, and you ask them questions on totally objective criteria like GPAs, men get it wrong slightly high, and women get it wrong slightly low. Women do not negotiate for themselves in the workforce. A study in the last two years of people entering the workforce out of college showed that 57 percent of boys entering, or men, I guess, are negotiating their first salary, and only seven percent of women. And most importantly, men attribute their success to themselves, and women attribute it to other external factors... success and likeability are positively correlated for men and negatively correlated for women... .. we put more pressure on our boys to succeed than we do on our girls. I know men that stay home and work in the home to support wives with careers, and it's hard. When I go to the Mommy-and-Me stuff and I see the father there, I notice that the other mommies don't play with him... don't leave before you leave. I think there's a really deep irony to the fact that actions women are taking -- and I see this all the time -- with the objective of staying in the workforce actually lead to their eventually leaving"
What is significant: what she didn't talk about - the usual bugbears of feminists

Ethnic minority turn to Jesus as more 'affordable' option - "At upwards of US$500, the cost of slaughtering a buffalo to revive a relative condemned to ill-health by the spirits has pushed the Jarai indigenous minority residents of Somkul village in Ratanakkiri to a more affordable religious option: Christianity... With the money she has saved using Western medicine instead of performing sacrifices, Klan Ly said she had been able to construct a house... one reason Ratanakkiri’s indigenous Prao minority had been more receptive to Catholic proselytising than the type of evangelical protestant Christianity adopted by the Jarai was because of its lax attitude to drinking and smoking... “Christianity makes them clever and also stops them having a problem with each other”"

'Rollerman' descends winding road in China - "Jean-Yves Blondeau, inventor of the 31-wheel roller suit, also known as the wheel suit, succeeded in his challenge of descending the 10.77 kilometer road boasting of 99 U-turns in 19 minutes, 34 seconds"

How to Pirate Movies, Music, TV Shows, and Books Without Getting Caught
"Think of the Pirate Bay like the red light district: It's impossible to shut down, but if the lawmen are looking to bust some heads, that's probably where they'll start. And copyright trolls are some particularly unimaginative lawmen."

Twitter / Fake_PMLee: McDonald's curtail giving ... - "McDonald's curtail giving of McNuggets' sauces. Those who buy less than 6-piece will not get sauce."
McDonald's says "Save Our Sauces". So sauces are wasted on anything other than nuggets?
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