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Monday, July 09, 2012

How to deal with people with Triggers

mcgoats: so it’s really interesting how “anti sj bloggers” will talk about how triggers are meaningless and people who can get triggered need to grow up and get over it because

triggers happen because of ??? mental illness ??? like it’s a chemical reaction that one has literally zero control over ???



socialjusticeally: People ???? online are not getting triggered ?????????

They’re getting offended and ?????? butthurt and someone probably hurt their feelings ????


helios: triggers?? are not?? what you think they??? are?????

usually??? therapy??? dealing with triggers???? involves??? exposing the patient gradually???? so they can recover??? because many triggers and phobias??? are of mundane things connected to a traumatic??? event??? such as finding??? someone’s hair colour??? or mannerisms?? or body odour??? or skin colour??? or clothing colour??? or common things like alcohol?? or pets?? or sensations like taste?? triggering??? those people?? and things?? can’t be expected??? to remove themselves?? from society and existence and the fabric of reality?? to fit??? one person?? experiencing a trigger???

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