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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

u r wt u wr - 5th June 2012

u r wt u wr:
- '80s love child' (Why so proud of being illegitimate?)
- 'Enjoy with me *picture of TV*'
- 'Idontgiveashit' (She was a salesgirl - hopefully that's not her attitude to Sales)
- 'Could it be magic?' (maybe it's alcohol)
- 'Be mine'
- '*Something( make better friends *picture of back view of a car*'
- 'feel the next gender' (She didn't look transgendered...)
- 'do you know what you want' (This was in the middle of crosshairs. Sadly the crosshairs drew attention to a slight bulge at her tummy)
- 'make the style. she was so cute and friendly' (She was passable... I don't know about friendly. She sounded Korean)
- 'Don't forget to wash your butt *picture of soap in a humanoid form, with suds*'
- 'hug me *below: smiley face with large outstretched arms*' (She was a secondary school-aged girl)
- 'Choose me? [Back: Of course!]'
- 'Caution contents are hot *Picture of coffee cup*'
- 'Take a chance love is on the way'
- 'Honey you can't handle me Guess'
- 'Chick with brains *Picture of bird with glasses*'
- 'High heels high hopes'
- 'I ♥ haters'
- 'Take one more glance' (no thanks)
- 'Le France'
- 'Cote d'azure'
- '*Earth map in a heart* Love me!'
- 'festival virgin' (contributed)

- 'My other shirt is clean'

After a certain length, fake eyelashes make you look like a mutant

Does a scarf with a spaghetti strap mean you've trying to cover up a lovebite?

Grey nail polish could be mistaken for necrosis.
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