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Sunday, April 29, 2012

A data plan means never having to use Wireless@SG EVER AGAIN

I have a Wireless Broadband dongle, but it stopped working and I haven't bothered troubleshooting after getting a data plan on my phone. However today I wanted to charge my phone.

So I bit the bullet and tried Wireless@SG.

The password sent to me in February no longer works, so I had to set a new one - the login page rejected my login without telling me why (non-existent account, wrong password, expired password). In order to reset my password, I needed to jump between four - count them! - SMS threads.

Then once I reset my password and logged in, I got disconnected after a while for no reason. I went to see if I could still detect the signal, and there were 2 Wireless@SG SSIDs (from competing providers):

Wireless@SGx let me connect to it, but I had no internet access; from what I know you need a password in your connection settings to use it, so it should not even let me connect in the first place.

I tried connecting to another Wireless@SG SSID, but it gave me a "Fail Page" - how appropriate:

In the end the original SSID worked so I reconnected.
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