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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why you should rent a room in Geylang

"Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face." - Mike Tyson


I finally went to Geylang for VD tonight, to test my hypothesis that Geylang would be more crowded tonight.

Unfortunately the police ruined by hypothesis since there were some police cars out and about, which must've scared everyone away: I saw few johns and even fewer ladies. Maybe the potential clients had all left after finding no supply for their demand. Or maybe most johns really do have a (semi-)dependable option, and rely on commercial outlets for variety rather than out of necessity.

I did come across the following gem though:

"This residential apartment disapproves hookers from staying here"

Given that you can get a room from $220 (per month, presumably, but maybe not here), this is one reassuring factor which should contribute to your decision to rent a room here to flee from ever-rising rents in Singapore.

Addendum: This might be why Geylang was so quiet.

Four arrested for Geylang murder in 24hours

"In a follow-up operation, all the four suspects were apprehended on the same day."
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