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Monday, February 06, 2012

Conversations - 6th February 2012

Someone: i have some real skills.



Someone else: I always feel like if a guy pays for me I need to pay
him back with sex

when can I buy you dinner?

Someone else: Anytime ;) feel like doesn't mean will do :p

Me: thanks

Me: to think I was wasting time typing a reply and providing socio-political and historical context...
next time I should just go to sleep

of course he's assuming he's right
and other people are automatically wrong

and others need to be more open minded but he doesn't need to be

Someone: sigh ok that's not nice of him.

Me: ah well
this is why I'm so pissed off by liberals
all the hypocrisy

I'm going to sleep
good night

Someone: gdnite man.
may the morning find u more chilled out n having forgotten abt all this.

Me: I'm not pissed off
more resigned and mildly sad
because I've seen it happen so many times

and it's happened with him also
so I'm used to it

oh well
what can I say
the triumph of hope over experience

Someone: well at the end of the day we all have our own opinions. we are entitled to speak up and when we do there will be situations like this i guess.

sometimes the whole thing abt 'agreeing to disagree' sounds like a unicorn to me

Me: I'm fine with people disagreeing with me
in fact I would be worried if no one disagreed with me

what pisses me off is when people are hypocrites, poison the well etc
insult you

agreeing to disagree is not pretending you are fine with the other's POV
but saying fine, we are gentlemen, we disagree
it's alright. we can still be friends etc

ironically many christians who disagree with me on religious matters are still my friends
whereas quite a lot of liberals have distanced themselves

Someone: well i don't really see that happening often enough

well be brutally honest...if those christians who disagree with you starts distancing thmselves and being cold....i wouldn't say they are really walking the talk...whatever it is they are preaching in their minds

Me: yeah it doesn't
one of my embryonic observations is on the democratisation of debate leading to its vulgarisation
hmm I seem to havel ost my draft

well liberals profess to be tolerant

Me: do you ever pull wtf neurotic fits on your husband

Someone else: hey
how do u know

Me: its a gender defect

Someone else: OUF
in fact he is the only one i did it to eva in my entire life

Me: I was reflecting to a small handful of girls that they were the only ones who had never pulled wtf neurotic fits on me ever

one said it's cos I'm not her boyfriend
and if I were I'd definitely get them

Someone else: i did that after he is my bf

Someone: poor u ;)

flirting with wrong person :D

Someone else: how should i text *** guy in singapore if i want him to fuck me on saturday?

Me: "fuck me on saturday"

Someone: "I am 26 years old. My previous relationship lasted slightly over a year before it ended suddenly. She said that she no longer felt anything between us. We had already registered for a BTO flat from HBD. I feel so hurt and cheated. I had spent so much time and money on her. This included overseas vacations and costly presents. I'm still paying for the instalments on her slimming and facial packages..."

from Duet the SDU magazine

go find the 'Dr Love' section

well its hilarious you should read it
hilariously sad

Me: I think I find amusing too many things normal people don't find amusing
so I don't actually need to read a lot of jokes

Someone else: lol
u're not my type
i.e. u're not white

Me: yah thanks. *** was your only non-white in between the whites right

Someone else: yep ***
and he was quite erm inadequate
and boring

Me: isit? so sad
arent there whites who're bad in bed

Someone else: yes

Me: maybe you should outline how asian men fail in bed
then I can publish a self-help article

Someone else: it's just like how they are outside of bedroom
less confident/ aggressive
polite sex is bad sex

Me: nice guys finish last in more than one way huh

Someone else: yes of course

Someone: i think she's quite your type

Me: are you going to intro :P

Someone: i dunno her

Me: then how you know my type -_-

Someone: her look

Me: wtf
you cannot judge a book by its cover
but you can judge a woman huh

Someone: shrug

Me: "just don't date singaporean men- too spoilt, sheltered, soft, cowardly, pussy"

Someone: hehe.. yeah.. that sounds like a spoilt sheltered cowardly sg girl
rather prc also tends toward like that.. think its the idol love drama fault =p

Someone else: I personally think that Singaporean men and women are made for one another. Singaporean women are materialistic, superficial, hot-tempered, lifeless in bed and incompetent in the kitchen. Both Singaporean men and women are also generally physically unattractive.

Me: *** party! so funky
then again expat things are funky

expat culture: my friend got invited home by X girls in *** in (X/3)*5 months
woo hoo

Someone: it's fun being an expat leh

Me: yah it is
freedom. away from your usual social circle
if things go wrong you can zao anytime

Someone: yeah i guess

hahaha that's exactly it
if things go wrong you can zao anytime

Me: have your own place (ok this is only for people like
singaporeans, hkers who would live with parents)
then you mix with other expats so it's diverse
and expats are more fun/interesting than people in general
so I can sympathise with people who say they only want to date
expats/people who've been expats/students abroad

Someone: eh

it's the person but generally
in *** I've found that people who've had "overseas exposure" are
generally also better read
and more interesting conversationalists

MFTTW on ogling: but looking surreptitiously is part of the fun
looking freely becomes like downloading porn
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