"Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and the Sultan of Johor are seen in a blue Proton Saga... "When asked whether there is any tension with the sultan, Dr Mahathir said: “No, I don’t see anything because I went to see him and he drove me to the airport. I don’t want to comment on the sultans because if I say anything that is not good then it’s not nice because he is the sultan”"

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Observations - 31st December 2011

"When a man plays a woman in a dress, you're halfway there. It's inherently funny. When a woman plays a man, for whatever reason, it's not that instant kind of funny." - Tina Fey


[On boardgame meetups] "For best results, don't sit near the door where the newbies gravitate, ask where people work before the game starts and if they say anything about insurance, disappear to the next table."

Someone: "Your tweets are very disturbing"
Me: "I'm a very disturbing person"

"This is the first Malay man I've ever seen who does housework" - On her relative

Thinking of putting out an album called "The most annoying Christmas songs... EVER!!!"

Trying to figure out why Meebo turned from a great messaging portal to another me-too Social Media monstrosity

Anyone born after the invention of earphones has no excuse using speakers instead.

As with money, so with time: don't throw the good after the bad

RT @mrbrown As long as people don't vote with their feet, they will always be at the mercy of fare hikes & high ministerial salaries

Apparently in Indonesia you've halal pork because there halal means nonstolen

Malay and Japanese, despite both having words for it (persetubuhan and seikou), take a leaf from English and use "seks" and "sekkusu" to refer to sex. Go figue.

What agency do the mentally ill have if you always blame the illness? If they can't control themselves they should be committed

"400 species have homosexuals, only one has homophobia, which is unnatural now?"
"It's also natural for many of those species to perform rape... which is unnatural now?"
"Millions of species have patriarchy, only one has forced equality, which is unnatural now?"

"I hate the way some Malay teachers use the word 'non-Muslim' like it's venom" - On her Malay classes

To some people, empirical questions are actually ideological ones. Yet when facts become politicised, they become distorted. For example the Cock was labelled as possibly chauvinist for his observation that young Upper-Middle Class women in Singapore may be good at managing the budget, but they are not good at growing income.

RT: @markleggett: Ten seconds. That's how long you would wait before calling the cops if a stranger peacefully "occupied" your property with no clear purpose.

RT: @sickipediabot: When I turned a fruit into a vegetable I called it a magic trick...the police called it a homophobic attack

RT @LiquidCoke I'm not racist but my pussy is..... Hahaha

RT @winebos: A man on a date always wonders if he is going to get lucky....A woman already knows !!

RT: @Evil_Dumbledore: Why post a picture on Facebook with the caption 'OMG I'm sooooooo ugly' and then get annoyed when I agree? #LadiesWeWantAnswers

RT @rudeshock Love is blind but marriage is an eye-opener.

RT: @iaryl: "I miss the days when Halloween was about showing off your costume, not your cleavage."

RT: @LoLSnaps: My girlfriend treats me like a god. She barely notices I exist until she needs something.

"I personally find Christians far less grateful to their surgeons than non-believers. I suppose if they really believe their healing is due to God's miracles, they can't be expected to be all that grateful to their doctors. It's really unfair because they will seek the best medical treatment. There should be a law against this. Anyone who wants to see a doctor must sign a statement that he will not attribute his healing to any other agency apart from his doctor's skill and the efficacy of the medication and treatment. If he's going to be grateful to God, he is at liberty to forgo medical treatment."

"If Adam was made from dust, why is there still dust?"

@shaunkoh: I love how personable the bus drivers are in Ann Arbor, instead of the Singaporean mistrusting observations of whether I pay my fare
I used to greet our local bus drivers with the same characteristic warmth that I was accustomed to giving and receiving.
I wasn't strong enough to keep on doing in before mistrustful/confused stares. And broadly speaking, that's what I got. It's disheartening.
Singaporean society lacks a distinctly human element. We seem to be systematically turned into self-interested KPI driven robots.
@MeiyiChan: maybe it's cos you're a guy, cos I don't have that problem lol
Me: everyone's nice to girls ;)

"Chinese from Southern China and Indians from the southern parts of the country... appear to be a 'milder' and less antagonistical or confrontationist in nature... This is a personal observation - the Chinese in Singapore are more accepting and mild mannered than those who are in Hong Kong for example. Similarly, the Indians from the states of Tamil Nadu or Kerala who were the original immigrants, are typically less combative and aggressive than the typical North Indian ( Punjabi )."

"when you wake up to a bright world... ....you know you're late for work"

RT @sickipediabot I've come to realise that if a Facebook profile picture has two people in it, it always belongs to the uglier one.
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