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Monday, October 03, 2011

u r wt u wr - 3rd October 2011

"All phone calls are obscene." - Karen Elizabeth Gordon


u r wt u wr:

- 'I did it with a girl and I liked it -lipstick kiss mark-' (Approximate phrasing)
- 'Take one more glance' (Presumably because she had relatively much to glance at in the region)
- 'TRÈS CHIC' (this should have read 'peu chic', which sounds cruel but is more accurate than and beats 'démodée')
- 'Give me time to break your heart' (the only thing she'll break is my mirror)
- 'I want more amo-heart-r' (this is meant to spell 'amour')
- 'Peak. I can play'
- 'I'm l-oo-king at you' (The 'oo' was a pair of glasses with hearts in the lenses)
- 'I ♥ gravy'
- 'My ♥ belongs to what's-his-face'
- 'Love with no regrets'
- 'I'm a doll'
- 'You can't catch me'
- 'Paris love'
- 'Here's the one person you'll never get over no matter how long it's been'
- [5 year old] 'Do you wanna have fun? *Thor with hammer with thunderbolt on its head*'
- '單身' (This means "single")
- 'Who is naughty?'
- 'I know you hate me because I'm SKINNY'
- 'You and me' (arrow from "you" to "me" and "me" to "you")
- 'I'm with the cutest -something-'
- [Contributed] 'i make good baby' (maid)
- [Butch] 'I like girls who like girls' (we know!)
- 'Friendship or something else? *cartoon of 2 pandas from back. One has his arm on the other*'
- 'Love me sweet'
- 'I'm very goooood at being bad'
- 'Daisy thinks Donald is wonderful. But her temper makes him crazy' (???)
- 'OK'
- 'Love at first sight'
- 'This is what cool looks like'
- 'Little miss fun' (She was in her 60s or so)
- 'I'll marry for green card' (Filipino maid at Forum the Shopping Mall looking bored at a kid playing in a coin-operated machine)
- 'Available for study dates *Picture of Elmo*'
- 'Wtf happened last night?'

If you have a plaster on your toe, don't wear open shoes (they were open toed heels; if your feet hurt, wear flats or slippers!)
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