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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Observations - 20th October 2011

"After all is said and done, a lot more will be said than done." - Unknown


There seems to be a link between vanity and neuroticism.

Skirt and slippers weather the rain a lot better than pants and shoes. Grr

I saw a boy sitting in a girl's lap wildly gyrating as she giggled. It'd have looked more wrong if they weren't both in Lower Primary. But then they were from Lycée français de Singapour.

I was observing some group dynamics - almost everyone in a certain social group could understand Mandarin, while 1-2 could not, and a large part of the time people chattered away happily in the monstrous English-Mandarin pidgin that most Singaporeans speak. In this way, some diversity can be worse than no diversity. What is the critical mass for linguistic exclusion?

Apparently paid childcare in Singapore is really bad, which is why parents are reluctant to use it if maids, parents or part-time/flexi-work are not options (and why parents sometimes quit their jobs for a few years). Which makes one wonder if and why childcare is better in the West.

I asked 2 RGS girls if they still had the rule against being in uniform at shopping centers. They looked very puzzled.

Hara is an unfortunate name for a halal timsum company. Not only is it a Jewish name, it's one letter away from Haram [especially if it's in Malaysia - Hara (M)]

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When shit happens...

"holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die"
"Don't get angry, plot revenge"

Amused that "冷奴" means "Cold Tofu"

Hand dryers save the Earth. Because they don't work so no one uses them.

When I read "", I think not about the unemployed but transsexuals

"in every relationship u can never ever be truly certain. the only woman who can tell u where her husband is every night... is a widow"

"You are 27, in 2 years you would be 29. Get a boyfriend, I assure you it is better and more satisfying than your PhD" - LKY
[LDPVTP: this is exactly what i did]

RT @markleggett: Love means never having to say you're sorry. So does hate. Also, apathy.

RT @markleggett: For every teacher who inspired their inner-city students with interpretive dance, there's 10,000 who were stabbed for saying "interpretive".

"To most Christians, the Bible is like a software license. Nobody actually reads it. They just scroll to the bottom and click "I agree.""

RT @GodlessAtheist @Biblekid: There's trillions of ways to satan & only one way to God. <-- Why is Satan a more effective communicator? "I have many weird friends, but you're THE weird friend" @sophiewillocq on why she gets so many Formspring questions (and people like me don't): "I'm a blogger lol, and your blog's topics aren't exactly commonplace nor fighting for top position with Makeup Tricks to Brighten Your Eyes!"

"to complain the twitter responses towards the article lacked depth is to say a kiddie pool lacks depth. Isn't that the point?"

RT @sailesh88: why do US army bases allow camera phones but SAF camps do not? Oh right. So no evidence on how incompetent SAF regulars are.

RT @benjaminjoffe: Quality > US: "It works" | JP "It's perfect" | KR: "It's new" | CN "It gives me status" | SG: "There is a queue for it"

RT @DeathStarPR They're calling Kim Kardashian's wedding a "fairy tale". Hopefully the one where she gets eaten by a wolf dressed as her Grandma.

RT @ifalas: Je reviens de l'anniversaire d'une amie boulimique. La surprise de fin c'était qu'un énorme gâteau sortait d'une de ses amies.

RT @MIKAMASUTRA Les filles naturelles ne sont pas parfaites, les filles parfaites ne sont pas naturelles.
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